Garden Days

Plants and herbs fresh from the garden center got potted up to pretty our little patch. Lavender, bright pink geraniums, basil, flat-leaf parsley, thyme and mojito mint...

Our Charlie-boy was the perfect little helper as we did work in the garden... poor lil' guy was tired out from all that supervisory work. ;o)

Also found at our local garden center-- this fun set of stack-able food containers and melamine cups, plates & spoons--from Danish homewares company RICE. LOVE the vintage/retro quality!  *SWOON*  The floral cotton-linen napkins are ones I made. Ready for impromptu picnics and meals on the patio with all these...

It's been a LOVELY summer here so far...


  1. Those herbs look delicious, and I'm sure they'll find they way into your creative cooking! any ideas on what to/you take on a picnic apart from those rather lovely picnic things you have? Love your photo of Charlie napping after "working " so hard!

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  3. Hi, Krissie! During the summer it's wonderful to have fresh herbs around--just slip out the back door and snip a few. We love salads to take on picnics. Lately very much enjoying salads with grains and beans--bulgur wheat or couscous mixed with beans, vegetables & herbs in a light oil-based dressing with lemon. Such a salad makes for a nice filling for wrap sandwiches--also easy to take along. These stack-able food boxes fit neatly inside the cool-bag we take on picnics, so it's great to have it all tidy and in separate compartments, etc. Here are some good picnic ideas from BBC Good Food:

  4. i'm so glad you're back! i was hoping you couldn't stay away. but didn't want to push!
    I love the new fresh look and approach. but then i love change and fresh starts!
    i'm also glad you added a 'subscribe' button. that way i won't miss any posts!
    and i too love the retro look of those colorful picnic dishes. xoxo♥

  5. Loving your vintage stackables, pretty garden and best of all, sweet, sleepy Charlie! You must be working him hard, Tracy! It's all so summery and lovely. Your lavender looks great. Mine died over the winter so starting new plants this year!

  6. What a fun practical picnic set for 2. I hope you have lots of nice days to enjoy it. Ooooo herbs! Love the smell of them. I have some new ones in the kitchen window sill as the old ones were ready to plant out or grow spindly. Thyme is food to make a tea from when you have a cold.

  7. It has been a lovely Summer here sofar as well! Love those herbs and of course... Charlie! I’m still missing my little helper!
    A picnic set for 2, so fun, though Mr DC never has enough patience to go out for a picnic... ;-)

  8. So much to love here Tracy! The herbs, the cute articles from RICE! And of course Charlie! I have some of your napkins and know how pretty and useful they are! Xoxo


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