August Break: Curves

This BEAUTIFUL boat is a replica of a Viking ship--the Oseberg Ship--found in a large burial mound/grave at the Oseberg farm here in our county of Vestfold--a major find! The original ship was built around 800 AD, and was excavated in 1904-5, and is now on display at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway. There is a group of enthusiasts who are working to get the original ship returned to Vestfold and displayed here--where it was built, used, found, and where it belongs! :o)

This replica ship was built by the Friends of the Oseberg Ship, a group dedicated to preserving the original ship's history, and Viking history in general. They are at work on an exciting new project of building/replicating another Viking ship found here in Vestfold--the KlÄstad ship. You can see some photos and read a little bit about the Friends of the Oseberg ship here.

I'm participating in Susannah Conway's month-long community photo project August Break...


  1. That is lovely Tracy! Is it in Norway? it does remind about Viking boat, even though not completely ... lol. Happy weekend!

  2. Suprising picture for the theme. Beautiful!


  3. Whoops... sorry for the confusion! I prepared the post with photo, but forgot to put in text/detail--which has rarely happened... LOL! Have updated the post now with info & links. The boat is GORGEOUS!!

  4. amazing!!! to think something so used and worn as it is ... STILL is in such good conditon. and FLOATING! their ships were not just ships.
    i'm thinking they were more literally works of art and craftsmanship.
    i've always loved the vikings. even though the rather ferocious side of them!
    they fascinate me.
    and just think tracy... you're MARRIED to one! viking blood is in his veins!
    lucky girl! give him a hug from me... and charlie too! and you darling girl of the north!
    75 degrees eh? i'll take that ANYTIME!!! LOLOL! XOXOXO♥

  5. Amazing, the history and how old it is! Reminds me a bit of the ship museum in Stockholm with the old ship. And it is so good that there are 'Friends' who keep the Norwegian/Viking inheritance.

  6. Tracy, thank you for the update. So my first instinct was right :-) then I thought there was like a dragon head missing or something so I thought maybe it is not lthe real Viking style ... thank you for all the information, so very interesting! Have a wonderful weekend! hugs Jitka

  7. Lovely photo Tracy!
    We are celebrating Sail Amsterdam 2015. So many beautiful Tall Ships can be admired in the Amsterdam harbour. From Norway there are Christian Radich and Statsraad Lemkuhl.

  8. My heart skipped a beat at this image. So beautiful.
    How fortunate you are, dear Tracy, to live in "viking country".

    I love the TV series, Vikings, and to think, you LIVE there, where they originated!

  9. Look at the gorgeous lines and curves here. So graceful -- really moves the eye. Thanks for sharing a bit of the history too. The museum looks fascinating and what a great project, so filled with heritage!

  10. Beautiful photo! I love anything scandanavian in design. I recently discovered I have some scandanavian ancestry from waaaaay back! It's fascinating! xoxo


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