August Break: Door

Welcome!  ...Our front door received a fresh coat of paint this summer... 

I'm participating in Susannah Conway's month-long community photo project August Break...


  1. Good morning Tracy, this is such a lovely and welcoming door/colour! i always wished to have white door. But we have it a dark colour, not really black, maybe really dark marine if I am optimistic. It was our landowner choice and as we rent I am afraid I have to deal with it :-) but love love that lovely white door of yours! Have a wonderful day Tracy! Hugs, Jitka

  2. What a romantic door! And do you have a veranda? Can you sit on it? From when is the house again, in which you and TJ live?
    I hope to be welcomed through that door one day!!!

  3. Hi Tracy,

    I'm finally catching up on all your summer break photos. I'll probably not comment on EVERY one and you don't need to reply on EVERY comment because I daresay you'll see a lot of them! So a head's up warning!

    Meanwhile, this is a wonderful one to begin with. How I would love to knock on that door right now. You'd greet me and say come on in, we'd have tea, I'd pet Charlie and admire your quilts. What a nice morning that would be! I'm happy just thinking about it!

  4. a lovely way to say welcome!

  5. I absolutely love your front door. Just lovely!

  6. Come on over! You all are welcome here any time! ;o)

    1890-1900 is the estimated date the main part of house was built. And the "newer" part--where the main living room is--was added on during the 1930's/40's... The land our house was a farm. And at one time, at the end of the garden, there was still a chicken house!

  7. I love your door and I love that it is white!

  8. Oh! What a gorgeous front entrance. Love it.

  9. What a beautiful front entrance Tracy! Very welcoming! You really should do a house "tour" for us. I am sure we would all love it! xoxo


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