August Break: Five Facts About Me

Five Facts About Me... (and you always wanted a BIG picture of me, too, right? ;o) 

1. My middle/second name is Michelle. (Why do we have these extra names, we don't really use them?! My confirmation name--when I was confirmed in the Catholic church a looong time ago--is Anastasia.)

2. Many years ago I was in a car accident that changed my life & health. I have a long scar across & above my left eye (you can see a bit of it--on the right, as you look at my picture). I'm blessed not to have lost my eye... or my life. 

3. While I enjoy most foods, and will try anything, I have an aversion to soggy foods/textures, which make me gag... Oh, and I really, really don't like bananas--it's a smell thing there, mostly.

4. I love the task of ironing. Give me a big stack of clothes, linens, etc. to iron and I'm happy! Ironing--and most domestic chores, I find--lends itself to quiet time for prayer & reflection.

5. I don't buy the "follow your dreams" thing, not anymore. Truthfully, I don't have big dreams for myself. I wish only to be an instrument of God's love and peace, and to be of service to others.

...and a BONUS fact...

6. Minimal/simple living greatly appeals to me, and is something I aspire to. I could do more minimal! Less is more. I desire much less. And stuff is just stuff. I love the idea of Tiny House living--even off grid too--a small dwelling that's eco-built and eco-efficient. These sites inspire me: Becoming Minimalist and Tiny House Blog. Oh, and some wonderful Tiny House candy here: Tiny House Swoon.

I'm participating in Susannah Conway's month-long community photo project August Break...


  1. Oh I have just the job for you Tracy - a huge pile of ironing!

    Fun to share your new blog. I was just talking about living off-grid the other day....

    Enjoy your weekend,
    Marie x

  2. Beautiful post from a beautiful girl :)
    I didn't realise that your hair was that most lovely enviable auburn. My son has similar hair and the ladies swoon at the colour.
    And number 6. is something I'm interested in too. Smaller homes and simpler life. Minimal. I thank our dear Tam for that inspiration a couple of years back now and I've been working towards my goal, slowly but surely.
    Thank you for sharing a little more about you, dear Tracy. xx

  3. you forgot number 7.
    you still look like you're almost 20 years old. at least in that BIG picture you do!
    this was wonderful!
    but not like bananas????? oh my!
    and you already know how i feel about happy minimal simple living. xoxoxo♥

  4. You all are soooo sweet, you know??!!

    Vicki, sadly I'm not auburn--not completely. There's a teeny, tiny bit of it--so of highlighty. But the auburn in the pic of me is from a bottle... Sorry to disappoint... LOL! My true color is a dark brown. I've been coloring my hair for years to cover the grays. I'm not ready to go silver yet! My sister is the one lucky though--she's got the auburn. Auburn runs/ran on my Dad's mother's side. My sister often plays up the red with great effect... She's so cool though, she can rock any color. I'm the Nerd. My sister's the Cool Girl. Well, I've always thought so. ;o)

    1. Well, your natural beauty shines through...

  5. I love knowing these facts about you, Tracy! Ditto for me on #5 and #6.
    FYI, Shelterwise LCC, the tiny home website, is my nephew (Julene's son)!

  6. I loved reading these five things about you Tracy and I love, LOVE that nice big picture of you! You are such a beautiful girl, both inside and out. Meeting you when you came to us in Kent was one of the highlights of the time we spent down there. You are a treasure to me. Thank you so much for your beautiful Birthday Card. You are a dear, dear friend. Love you with all my heart! xoxo

  7. We've known each others for quite a while and there is still so much to learn and hear from one another. Beautiful and honest post, Tracy. Your bonus fact ... it's something I long for!

  8. What fun to see your pretty photo! To live off the land is something I hope to do someday. I'll check out those tiny house links you mentioned. NOw that is an interesting tidbit about bananas:) Wishing you a wonderful august break!

  9. Nice facts about you. I love ironing too. People always think I am crazy when I say that. The photo is lovely of you.

  10. lovely to learn more about you Tracy, I shall think of you next time I'm ironing xxx

  11. I love this, Tracy. It's so open and honest and fun and I learned a lot of things I never knew, which I suppose was the point. The ironing thing, though, well -- I wish I could relate but I can't. All I can say is thank heaven for permapress!


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