August Break: In My Bag

What I carry with me most of the time...

1. Black leather handbag
2. Little pouch that folds out into a re-useable shopping bag
3. Tissues
4. Two-year planner/calendar (I still like to write things down.)
5. Prayer book
6. Prayer cards
7. Small notebook (Every girl needs a little Hello Kitty! ;o)
8. Pen (see item 4.)
9. Burt's Bee's Lip Shimmer in Watermelon (I don't like lipstick, so this sheer, tinted lip balm is terrific! I don't like make-up much and wear very little now.)
10. Mini comb
11. Phone (I made the pink felt cozy/cover)
12. One-decade chaplet/pocket rosary (Made by me--rose quartz & mother of pearl beads.)
13. Purse/wallet
14. Mini hand lotion
15. Keys

I'm participating in Susannah Conway's month-long community photo project August Break...


  1. Good morning Tracy, what fun to have a look into your bag :-) and even it is out it feels like you have it always nicely organised inside! my bag is a mess right now. I am switching regurarly between a backpack and a bigger bag or a smaller bag depending where I go or if S is coming or if Mr. Montik is joining in the walk 😀 just last night I was thihking I really need to tidy up in all three of them! Have a wonderful weekend! hugs, Jitka

  2. The handbag I'm currently using every day is about 10-inches x 12-inches (25cm x 30cm) and I like it--it's enough to carry my daily essentials. When we travel or take a longer day trip during a weekend or something, I switch to a larger bag, as often there are extra to bring along--especially when we travel abroad. What stuck me after I posted the photo, and switch I'd not realized before, was how much pink and unconscious color-coordination was going on inside my handbag... LOL!

  3. Even your handbag is tidy! Mine is filled with tissues and grocery receipts, etc. I need to give it a good clean out! You are definitely a Pink girl! xoxo


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