August Break: Last Year

Last year... Last summer I took this rainbow photo, which became forgotten in my archives... Better late than never. ;o) 

I'm participating in Susannah Conway's month-long community photo project August Break...


  1. It's never too late for rainbows! :D
    And this one is incredible! Looks like it was taken from outer earth.
    Were you on a plane when you captured it?
    Maybe keep it a mystery...

  2. I LOVE me a rainbow--such a wonder, each one a miracle! But no I wasn't on a plane when I captured this rainbow (that would be wild!)... Thanks to some luck with a fun filter, this looks like I was standing on the edge of the Earth. This is one of my faves, I think.... But I'll let God keep all the credit for the mystery... :o)

  3. Beautiful! A rainbow makes my day. It thrills me every time I see one! And I even go looking for them when it is raining and I also see the sun shining!

  4. i know it's 'scientific'
    but i still love the two words together... mystery and rainbow.
    and this one is beautiful tracy! xo

  5. I love rainbows!! God's promise..........beautiful photo!!

  6. Lovely! I shared a picture of our little D a year ago. It is so fun to see how participants translate each days words.

  7. I love the promises which come with the sight of every rainbow. You are a treasure! xoxo


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