August Break: Numbers

Numbers... On my shelf-altar is this year's Paschal candle which I light on Sundays during my prayer time at home. Along with the date on the candle (which represents God in the present, in our midst) are the Greek letters for alpha and omega--symbolizing God as the beginning and the end of everything.

I'm participating in Susannah Conway's month-long community photo project August Break...


  1. there is a strange light to your pictures here since this new blog.
    a softness. as if they're filmed through silk. very pretty.
    is it on purpose? or something magical just happening!
    either way...
    lovely. and calming actually. xo

  2. Thank you, Tammy... I'm so glad you're enjoying the pictures so much! And it's been so sweet to see you here every day since I began this August Break project. As for the "special light"... I'm actually using some wonderful filters when I edit my photos. I have a few favorite filters I've been using which sometimes create a sort of ethereal feeling, or almost "vintage" quality. I like this softness too. Things like a pleasing composition & subject matter I try to be aware of when taking photos, but mostly I'm trying to find the heart, the soul, the Spirit in things...

  3. Oh, and an extra thing... A lot times I do use photos straight out of the camera, so I'm not always using a filter on every single photo. I opt for a filter when it might need a little "extra", and sometimes a filter can adjust the ambiance of the natural light, etc.

  4. This is a beautiful grouping. Candles are so symbolic of the spirit.
    I agree with Tammy, the softly diffused light in your images gives a wonderful, ethereal feel to them.

  5. Oh I am playing along on the August Break too, but this year I am just posting my photos on the Flickr group. If you do go there, I am marmaladys. I have had the account for a long time, just haven't posted much on it. I am beginning to like it.

  6. Loving your prayer shelf. I think this is a good idea just posting a photo a day. Your photos are always so lovely, filter or no. xoxo


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