August Break: Reading

Among other reading... I've borrowed some cookbooks from our local library for kitchen inspiration:  Adventures in Jewish Cooking and The Middle Eastern Kitchen. (The latter is a Norwegian translation.) WONDERFUL recipes in both of these book! 

What are you cooking these days?!

I'm participating in Susannah Conway's month-long community photo project August Break...


  1. ooooh jewish cooking, did you make anything? and if you did please share... would love to see

  2. So far from the Jewish cookbook I've made a tomato-bouillon soup and a honey challah loaf--both VERY good! I don't have pictures... but I will be making these again and will be sure to take photos! So many good recipes in this Jewish cookbook. I'm considering buying one. I LOVE matzo ball soup. But can't get matzo here. So will have a go making my own. It's too hard, just needs time. Now I've not dipped as much yet into the Middle East Kitchen book. Some of the ingredients in that one have been harder for me to get where we are...but still, VERY inspiring!

  3. Whoops... I meant the matzo making is NOT too hard, not too difficult... ;o)

  4. Lovely. looking forward to seeing what you make, Tracy :)
    As it's still very cold here, there's warm, nourishing foods to fill our bellies.

  5. i'm almost a total non cook anymore.
    but what's odd...
    i love to read cookbooks!
    i think you would especially love jan karon's 'mitford cookbook.'
    if you ever read any of her novels. they're encorporated into the recipes.
    belle earhart had our family for thanksgiving once with all jewish dishes...
    and they were simply fabulous! it was my first glass of wine too!
    i was 15 and i felt so grown up! LOL.

  6. oh the tomato bouillon soup sounds good.

  7. I am searching and cooking whatever comes from the garden. Overwhelmed right now with plums and then tomatoes.

  8. Don't you love reading cookbooks? Especially ones that include stories and background.

  9. I am playing catch up Tracy! I have been so busy with the mission that my online time has been limited. I love cookbooks as you know, especially ones which tell a story. My Berlin Kitchen by Luisa Weiss is very good! I think you would like it! xoxo


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