August Break: Real Life

Real life... My life-- moments from recent days here... 

I'm participating in Susannah Conway's month-long community photo project August Break...


  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life moments. A great balance between the different moments!

  2. Always a pleasure to have a sneak peak into your life :-) may I ask what are you painting? And oh sweet Charlie, always looking so comfy and happy :-) have a wonderful weekend dear Tracy!

  3. Thank you, everyone... :o)

    Montik, the painting is some indoor painting we just did lately. The fireplace and surround wall in the cozy room needed painting. The fresh white brightens the room!

  4. wonderful pictures!
    i'm late getting here. have been off the computer most all day.
    i'll be able to picture you in your little chapel now.
    and the kitchen pictures... i love! so cheery and warming and welcoming.
    and the bread. the staff of life!
    and charlie's softest little white tummy. and those darling tiny pink pads.
    i know he's getting older... but he never changes! he looks just the same as when i first met him!!!

  5. love that charlie boy - such a sweet face :)

  6. What a perfect collection to show your real life! I can see we'd have some overlap. And of course you know that I'd just leap into that photo to pet Charlie if I could! Don't you find sleeping kitty photos some of the most enchanting? I do -- and easier to take, too, because they aren't bouncing around!

  7. Love these little glimpses of your life Tracy, but I especially love seeing Charlie. As you know I am a BIG fan! xoxo


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