Everything is a prayer...

"All around us, Providence has placed hosts of silent messengers who can lead us without effort by paths of love to the holy springs of peace. Water, wood, fishes, the morning dew, the cock crowing at dawn, should all be able to inspire our prayer. Clothes and flowers, perfumes and pearls, the wind whistling past, the bread on the table, the jug, chair and roof--all these things have been sanctified, all these things have been loaded with blessings and divine inspiration by the Word."  

Pierre Charles, SJ  from-- The Prayer of All Things


  1. Oh I love that Tracy! Happy week! Big hugs ❤️ Jitka

  2. Beautiful image. Love those roses.
    I find much peace, contemplation, prayer and solace in nature. There are messages if we listen closely and with an open heart.

  3. So beautiful and heartfelt, Tracy. A wonderful image, beautiful words.

  4. Beautiful quote. We have a saying as in heaven so on earth. I believe that what we see here is only a pale reflection of what awaits us. And when you realize (despite all the bad) just how much beauty there is here and how beautiful life can be, then we know just what a treat we are in for! Love you oodles and oodles. Hoping you are having a good week. Ours has been really busy! xoxo


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