Monday... jazzing up laundry day

Monday... is usually laundry day here at our house. Lately I had to get some new clothes pins/pegs. I like the wooden ones, but they are not so easy to get in shops now. Everything is plastic...*sigh*... Oh, well... thankful to have them anyway. And the HAPPY PINK color brightens laundry day! Simple things... Simple gifts...


  1. Oh, I love your pink clothes pegs!! It is very difficult to find wooden pegs these days for sure. I buy mine at Lakeland. I also have some lovely rubber pegs, with great trips. They, too, are very colourful! I like to brighten up a day with little things like this. Small and simple things can bring great joy. xoxo

  2. Those pegs make the laundry more fun (-:

  3. i'm kickin' this pneumonia in the head finally! so had to come and visit.
    and your BEAUTIFUL pink clothes pins just jump started my heart! I LOVE THEM!
    so happy. so cheerful.
    and the smell of fresh laundry? doesn't get much better!

  4. What fun! I have my grandma's old old old wooden pegs. I must admit however that bright pink or turquoise pegs would make me smile.

  5. Tracy, they are lovely and the pink is really cheerful. Indeed difficult to find woden ones now a days, I haven't seen it nowhere but i the craft shop once.
    My email to you is on hold for abt 5 days, sigh, but hopefully I will the time soon to talk more my friend. Have a wonderful day, big hugs ❤️

  6. These pink pegs are very sweet and very cheery.
    If you do need wooden ones, I can send you some - we have loads at our local supermarket.
    Have a lovely week :)

  7. I miss hanging clothes out on the line. We don't have a yard or outside area large enough to hang laundry in our rental. And the covered patio is filled with our bicylces:)

    Love the pink clothesline pins!

    About your question on my blog about the painting: Great question! So I'll answer in my next post:)

  8. They are such happy clothes pins! OK, so they aren't wood -- they're a lot cheerier, though!

    When you come to the States again, find a Dollar Tree store if you can. A big package for a dollar! But you'll have to paint them!

  9. Cute! And perfect for your pink-loving heart ;-)

  10. A real Tracy colour for those clothes pins! Can’t remember having used those... ;-)

  11. Oh pink would just make me smile when I used them to hang out the laundry.


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