Simple Gifts... nesting & home-keeping

Simple Gifts... Nesting & home-keeping. I love September! I like this month for getting organized and ready here at home for the colder season ahead. Lately I've been restocking our pantry cupboard--flours, grains, beans, legumes, nuts & seeds, sugars, honey, jam, pasta, rice... 

I've been baking more too... and more homemade bread is on the menu and in the freezer.  We store bread in cloth bags I've made from tea towels. Much better for the bread than the plastic bags bread come in at supermarkets. 

Soups and stews have already been making a big comeback here now that days have turned cooler. Here's Fish Soup along with a homemade pretzel roll. I make these during Lent especially, but also other times of the year too--the soup is so good!

The lavender I harvested from the garden back in July is nice and dry.  I've stripped the blooms from the stalks which are now stored in glass jars for keeping. They go into homemade lavender sachets, a spoonful added to some homemade bath & beauty products/oils, etc. Since this is organic lavender I can cook/bake with it too! 

With the change of season, have you been doing more nesting and home-keeping?


  1. Beautiful pictures Tracy! I love your jars, I need to organise my shells bit more as well but when??? Right now working in the garden, the rain stopped so enjoying the mowing and such. I do dry my lavender as well, don't you love the scent? And yes bread should not be in plastic bags at all, after 72 hours it is contaminated by harmful fungus and bacteria ... yuks. And thank you so much for that meatball recipe, Stevie said today that the meatballs at the canteen are disgusting and that he loves mine from your recipe 😀 big thank you for sharing! have a lovely weekend, big hugs ❤️

  2. Tracy, I just sighed when I opened this and saw your beautiful photos. You've been hard at work, haven't you! It not only looks delicious but so darned pretty -- that bread! I like the towel idea. Rick has a bread keeper (which is basically a big tin box). But when we travel, not so easy. I love the idea. Even I might be able to make something like that!

    You've been much in my thoughts this week with the Pope's visit to the US and wishing you could watch the coverage. And then today, as I meandered into a quilt shop and was dazzled by the fabrics, wondering what all you would make with them! Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

  3. I'm in autumn cleaning mode. I did cook and freeze dried anasazi beans and black beans last week. I love looking at your dried lavender since mine must stay outside on the bushes because of hubby's allergies. It is still so hot here so I haven't really gotten in to 'nesting'--that happens end of October or into November--then I'll pull out my sweaters and cuddly afghans.

  4. Love the lavender in jars, and those jars are so pretty. Once again, I didn't get any lavender. The bees enjoy it so much I am afraid to pick it. The soup looks good as do your rolls and bread! I never thought of using tea towels to keep it in. I must give it a go! Hope your weekend is as lovely as ours is starting out to be. The sun is shining to beat the band! It's so gorgeous! Love and hugs to you all! xoxo

  5. Montik--so happy the meatballs are still a big hit at your house! :)

    Jeanie--Thanks for thinking of me! I sooo wish I was home right now, what with the Pope visiting. And my hometown of York is about 1 1/2 hrs west of Philadelphia where he's to be next... Oh, that could have been fun! But the great things is that there's been TONS of coverage online. I'm keeping up with the Pope news via Catholic blogs & sites I read. And there's lots of video on YouTube. The Vatican has their own YouTube channel--and in English too! So I'm not missing too much. It was a beautiful thing to see video from the Vespers service at NYC's St Patrick's Cathedral. Oh, and cloth bag is great idea for traveling with bread--like on picnics & such, or for you when you take it to your lake house.

    Willow--We're in clean up mode too--the garden at the moment, and soon indoors as well. There's been a LOT to do lately!

    Marie--I know what you mean about the lavender and the bees. I waited as long as I could to cut some. And thankfully the lavender bloomed twice for us this year, so the bees had double dose! Oh, the bread bags are so easy to make. Using a purchased tea towel cuts the work--just sew a couple seams! We find that the bread is lasting longer during the week, and we have much less bread waste now.

  6. I love this post Tracy! I wish that I had more time for stocking a pantry. I did manage to make dill pickles for the first time recently. Also, a small batch of rhubarb and strawberry jam earlier in the summer. My thoughts have turned to baking bread now that the weather is cooler - I stopped making it when the humid weather arrived, as it did not prove correctly. Happy cooking! Marie x

  7. That fish soup looks really delicious! I used to make bread all the time - and you're making me want to start again. Maybe when the weather cools down here? Sigh… that will be awhile yet.

  8. How cozy everything looks! You are all ready for settling in with warmth and love. That gorgeous mound of lavender makes me wish ours had survived the summer. We had two straggly clumps that didn't get pruned in time. They got woody and petered out. Maybe next year ;-)

  9. oh i love this post tracy!
    it's the very essence of autumn's goodness!
    and YUM!

  10. Oh boy, my eyes and mouth are watering at all the lovely goodies you have in your home:)

    Great idea on how you make the tea towel bags for the bread.

  11. I must go outside momentarily and harvest the lavender. Lovely homekeeping!

  12. peeking in here, as you linked to this post recently. so lovely! I enjoy having my things stored in glass jars too! you make beautiful things!


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