Simple Gifts... pizza-movie night (at home)

Simple Gifts... Every other Saturday is pizza-movie night here at our house... We lately made this delicious Buffalo Chicken Pizza with Blue Cheese Crumbles & Arugula Salad.  TJ makes the dough, I do the toppings...

It wouldn't be movie night without popcorn!  A lot of times we borrow DVDs from our local library. It is expensive to go to the cinema, so this is a budget-friendly alternative! Recent views have been: Miss Potter (LOVED revisiting this one!), The Hundred-Foot Journey, Wadjda (sooo good!), and Beasts of the Southern Wild

What are your plans for the weekend? 


  1. i own miss potter ... LOVE it too!
    i will have to check out the others. unfamiliar to me.
    such a happy little ritual of life.
    and popcorn makes anything better! LOLOL.

  2. This looks delicious, Tracy! I love blue cheese! My weekend plans -- a "paid off the mortgage" dinner (Rick's mortgage) with Rick and friends; then maybe the lake. Or maybe just hang here! Either way, it's good!

  3. Home-made pizza, popcorn and watching movies is just the recipe I need! It looks delicious! We never go the the cinema anymore, it’s so much nicer to watch movies from your comfortable own couch or chair! Happy weekend!

  4. Popcorn and movies - perfect partners!
    Yes, it is so expensive to go to the cinema these days.
    That's sad, because I used to love going regularly. But not so much anymore. And, I hate that people insist on having their mobiles on and continually check them while the movie is on - despite the pre-movie on screen notice to "turn off your mobile phones". Gah!
    I get far too distracted by mini blue lights throughout the darkened cinema. So, solution... stay home and rent. I am a grump aren't I? Lol.

  5. Oh, that pizza looks to die for Tracy! I love Buffalo Chicken anything! Those movies look really good too! We need to start a dedicated movie night here I think! Love and hugs to all of you! (but especially to you, shhh . . . .) xoxo

  6. We loved The Hundred Foot Journey :)

  7. That pizza looks just delicious! Did you have a recipe for the topping?


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