This is the mood these days...

Color-punctuated October switched almost immediately to days of gray, fog, mist and rain this early part of November.

Inside--inside me...I'm feeling a bit foggy too. Body slow going, not so strong... Tending to all sorts this week, I may be offline a bit...

Some afternoon cheer--a cup of hot mint tea. A sprig of fresh mint in a cup of boiled water... REFRESHING & UPLIFTING!

What's giving you a lift these days?!


  1. Hi Tracy, what gives me lift is to look forward chatting with you 😀 yes, this is such a period of time when one goes into introspection ... I love fresh mint tea too. I am also drinking hemp tea (without the THC!) it is suppose to give one more energy ... not sure about that as coffee is still a must for me ... have a wonderful day and I love your picture! big hugs, lots of love Jitka

  2. I see fog as "the place in between".
    And, when you try to get a grasp, it swirls through our fingers and disappears, leaving us empty handed, and sometimes feeling a little shrouded and cut off.

    But, it can also be a blessing, for those of us who wish to disappear for a while and be at one with ourselves, away from others. A misty wall of protection.

    Herbal teas are great soothers for mind, body and spirit.

    Wishing you well, dear Tracy.

  3. Despite your foggy feeling, you were able to share a lovely picture with us.
    Sorry to hear you are not feeling you at the moment. Yes, the sudden season change.
    Do hope you you have many uplifting moments this week!
    There is a candle burning for you now here.
    Warm hugs and happy soothing wishes!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear you are feeling slow, under the weather and a tad foggy. I love the photo -- it says it perfectly and mint tea will certainly lift a spirit or a bit of energy for you!

    Wishing you time to cozy up in one of your lovely quilts, sip tea and restore spirit and body.

  5. You seem to take comfort even in foggy (and dreamy) circumstances. Hang in there my friend. I'm sorry about the health bit, though.

    Our temperatures are finally on a cooling trend (i.e., 70s!) and that refreshes me. Hot tea is appealing again. And cats are seeking blankets again, too.

  6. i have always loved the fog. to me it's very romantic. melancholy in a good way.
    we don't get much of it here... so it's always a treat.
    not always fun to drive in though.
    maybe the fog is nature's way of telling you to slow down a bit and enjoy that tea. and some special quiet thoughts. and that hot mint tea...
    it sounds simply wonderful. and i don't even like tea!
    i will have to try it for sure.
    sending you a great snoopy hug across the blue seas darling girl of the north.

  7. Your cup of mint tea looks wonderful and soothing. Walking is satisfying my soul and giving me energy. Somedays are difficult to stay above the clouds, but out in nature and moving does help so very much. Sending hugs!!!

  8. Hi dear Tracy, a cup of hot mint tea works miracles! We had such lovely weather untill last weekend, temperatures are still above ‘usual’ for November, but the days turned into grey and cloudy ones. I hope all is well with you. Sorry for my absence in visiting (again.. ;-)

  9. It's been quite a strange month here weatherwise. Not at all like November. I love herbal teas this time of year. I have discovered a new one I really like. Buttermint. It tastes indulgent without being so. Love you! xoxo

  10. I've been feeling the same Tracy. There is something about the grey days of November which makes it a challenging month. Marie x


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