Simple Gifts... fish fridays

Simple Gifts... Fish Fridays... I LOVE Fish Fridays!

In the Catholic faith tradition, we're required to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, every Friday during Lent, and including Good Friday. It is a small sacrifice/penance to commemorate the day of the crucifixion of Jesus. For a long time Fish Fridays ALL year round were the thing.

The Second Vatican Council back in the 1960's relaxed some of that, and left the emphasis on mandatory abstinence and fasting only for the more penitential time of Lent. But still, the Church encourages Fish Fridays! And so I try to make sure fish is on the menu here at home. A small thing I can offer up in love...

Here is a Thai-inspired soup I made with coconut milk base infused with chili-laced curry paste, lots of veggies (including leafy bok choy--yum!) crunchy bamboo shoots, as well as small, inexpensive salad shrimps. Quick, easy, and meat-free. We do meatless  Mondays too. :)


  1. Mmmm . . . that looks delicious Tracy. It's very much fish for Friday's here in the UK. It's traditional that people go to the local chippie and fill up on fish and chips, but yours looks a LOT healthier! Love all that you share! Love YOU! xoxo

  2. This looks very yumy Tracy. I think it is a good think to reduce meat anyway ... Right now I have to blend all the food for little S and you would not believe that the same food but blended gets a bit of different taste, very challenging as I need him to eat and eat healthy. It has been hard past days because of the school but that I will tell you when we speak, oh dear! For now he is back home with me. Sorry I totally changed the topic :-( actually I just wanted to wish you and Tj and Charlie a lovely lovely weekend and enjoy this delicious looking meal :-) big hugs ❤️❤️❤️

  3. that looks so delicious. i love soups.
    i'm glad you do meatless mondays!
    the coconut milk fascinates me enough to try this. xo

  4. I do meatless every day :)
    Now you are making me hungry for a Thai yellow curry!

  5. I love fish and your chowder/curry looks delicious! I'm not a good fish maker but I almost always order it!

  6. Oh how delicious your soup looks and I'm sure tasted! And I remember my Mom's fish fridays for the same reason.


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