The Festive Season...

The decorative and commercial side of Christmas seems to emerge earlier and earlier with each passing year in shopping centers, stores, and all sorts of public spaces. We were at a garden center a few weeks ago and couldn't help but admire the beautiful displays throughout the shop--like the one above.

Later this week, back home in the States, is the celebration of Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving! So my heart will be home in spirit this week... In a few days, we begin the season of Advent. We'll decorate here at home with candles, twinkle lights and purple table cloths. And I'll be here Sunday to light the first Advent candle...

Blessings as the festive end-of-year season begins! :o) 


  1. i love the new look of your blog. it's just lovely!
    i seldom go to stores but i know they're all decked out... just like you say.
    i do love the lights though. i never tire of those decorations.
    i just ignore the buying part of it all! LOL
    i honestly think i would love all the festive little lights to stay up all year round. just like I love fountains. they do something for my soul.
    hope you will have a wonderful thanksgiving right there in the northland darling bean!
    there is no reason you can't celebrate it the same as you would if you were here! maybe you'll start a new tradition right there in norway!!! wouldn't that be cool! good grief. wonder if i can get a few more exclamation points in here.
    i'm thankful to know you and the viking and charlie! xoxo♥ love and a huge snoopy hug!

  2. Hi Tracy,

    Lovely photograph of the Christmas display, but I do understand when you say how early everything appears. Here in Canada, the Christmas displays appear the second Remembrance Day has passed. Our whole unit at work has been decorated (complete with crib) for almost two weeks!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations and I hope that you have a chance to catch up with your family to share in their celebrations - maybe by Skype?

    Marie x

  3. Happy celebrations for you and TJ. It's so beautiful, to light the candles bringing us to Christmas.

  4. Good Morning Tracy! Yes the decorations seem bit too early in the shops. However me and little S we like to go to look at the lights and trees, something magical about the twinkling lights as it gets darker and darker out there.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your TJ and Charlie. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and big hugs Jitka

  5. I do love seeing the pretty of Christmas pop up -- that tree is fabulous! But yes, sometimes too early is too early. I was seeing Christmas (not just craft supplies to make Christmas things but decorating stuff) in August. TOO Early!

  6. I am playing catch up this weekend Tracy! Love the pretty Christmas decorations! Very Pink! I Love Christmas decorations, but you are right, they start popping up earlier and earlier each year! xoxo


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