Our little tree...

Our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree... We keep most things concerning the Christmas holidays simple, including decorating here at home.

To hide the not-so-decorative plastic pot our artificial tree sits in, and make for a more pretty display, I stitched a little "blanket" to wrap around the tree base. Pieced with neutral-colored scraps, I made it as I would a small quilt, just free-forming and making it up as I went along. The blanket is 20-inches x 40 inches (50cm x 100cm).

As usual... I had a helper for the photo shoot!

It didn't take Charlie long to approve the new blanket for our little tree! Purr-fect!

The blanket has a front and back, but no batting/wadding, which makes for a lighter drape of the blanket around the tree's pot-base.

This was a fun, quick & easy fiber project in between the busy days of late... 

A star wish that you all are enjoying days merry & bright!


  1. ♥ just perfect. hug sweet charlie for me! :)

  2. Tracy, it's beautiful! I love your tree base cover quilt. And the model is most handsome! There is something about a small tree with white lights that sets my heart a flutter!

  3. We keep ornaments simple here too - easy up and easy down :)

    Love the subtle creamy-white tree skirt.
    And, Charlie is a wonderful supervisor. Passed the "purrfect" test :)

  4. Your little tree and blanket are quite beautiful in their simplicity. Charlie definitely approves and so do I. xoxo

  5. We also just have a little table top tree this year and the white lights are all the decoration ours needs, too. I simply plopped mine into a galvanized bucket....your little tree skirt wrap is far more thoughtful and festive!!! I love it!! (and your sweet little helper!)

  6. Tracy, love the small tree and how you've decorated it with your handmade blanket. And the pics of charlie are classic! I love how just two photos of him entering and then sitting narrate so much more than words could have.


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