Simple Gifts... cocoa cozy

Simple gifts... hot cocoa... cranberry-pistachio biscotti...

I am very thankful for slow, quiet moments...It is during these days, which are full of so much, that slow-down times revive the heart, mind, body and spirit!

Wishing you all a cozy weekend now! :o)


  1. biscotti and the Christmas season....just seem to go together. Enjoy! My shopping is almost finished...and once the gifts are in the post, I'm going to do exactly what you recommend----hot chocolate and a bit of a kick-back.

  2. This looks so lovely I may go make some cocoa right now -- it's breakfast time!

  3. Ah, the quiet lull before the travel storm, right? Love that dreamy shot, Tracy. My mom has been experimenting with cranberry pistachio shortbread, trying to perfect it with her wonky oven.

  4. Beautiful.
    The simple, quiet, delicious moments to be relished.

  5. wishing you the same dear friend. xo


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