Drifting in January...

Ah, my friends... How are YOU??!! Thank you for all the happy 2016 wishes sent my way--here and via email--so much appreciated! It's been a wobbly transition into the new year, hence my slow return. We had a BIG dump of snow too, which really took the wind out of my sails post-Christmas. January is my tough month. Each year I try to re-make friends with winter, but I don't always succeed so well. :/ I am not a winter girl. The white is pretty... but when you're getting past 30 inches or more in your own garden, then it's starting to become MONSTER SNOW, and well... I just don't do good with that. The cold, the wet... bbbrrr... I just want to hibernate. Wake me when it's spring, OK?!

Christmas back home in the US was sooo lovely...*sigh*... My heart and head are still back home--still savoring that time. I'm wanting to be wrapped in that cozy glow... It's been hard getting my mojo back. Truth is, I get homesick--a lot. After all these years living away from my family & friends, it gets harder, not easier--it hurts my heart sometimes. This is something I've been dealing with for a while now. Hence the quiet at times...

Tech issues have also contributed to the slowness lately. An upgrade to Windows 10 on my old laptop has been a huge headache for many days and sorting out little problems along with it. And my sweet old Canon IXUS 870 IS digital camera has been misbehaving. I've been using my iPad, etc. for photos, but I prefer a digital camera still--the photo quality and crispness is just better, I think.  Add to this that I'm also learning new/different photo editing software... *sigh*.. There are times when I sort of miss the simplicity of pre-gadget days...

Would you like some cheese to go with all this whine?! ;) Wait--there is some cheer! Dipping into new creative projects, for me a special one this year is making a Double Wedding Ring quilt--a small, lap-size quilt at least. This traditional block/quilt is one I've wanted to make for many, many years. I'll be doing machine paper piecing for this one. And working from two fat quarter sets of fabrics in lovely soft, aqua blues, grays and white. Getting started...so more soon!

I've picked up my crochet hook again... and excited to be hooking my first garment! Early days making a child-size cardi that will be a gift. This is the collar/yoke, and now to begin shaping for the short sleeves. LOVING this scrumptious bright pink alpaca-silk yarn! *swoon*... Details are now updated on my Ravelry page.

For a good few years now I've been using Susannah Conway's inspiring Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook & calendar as a guide for a new year, and this one is no exception. I worked on the workbook along with my journal over several days, and it was just what I needed to help me step into 2016 and gain some clarity. I've been a-drift for a few weeks now... time to get some footing. I have a word for 2016... I'll share it next time, the end of the week.

Postings here may be more scattered than "usual" as I sort myself out. But for now, I look forward to catching up with all of you and your lives! Very much I hope you are all well, and that January is treating you kindly...


  1. If my Januaries were like yours, I'd be struggling too. January is usually a crisp blue-sky month for us in SoCal and I can't imagine having 30 inches of snow in the garden instead! It's good you're keeping your hands busy with these beautiful projects. xoxo

  2. january for us is 40C and a heatwave! So I would gladly swap places with you .... for a few weeks at least!Any weather that lasts for too long becomes hard to deal with no matter if its heat or snow and the cold. I can see youve made a huge craft/art start to the new year, I'm sure it will keep you busy. Glad you're back and blogging. I'm curious to see what your word for this year is. I am having trouble finding mine! take care in the cold and snow!

  3. I'm always so happy to read your posts! I know how awful the snow is - that was our LAST year! The photo is dazzling in its beauty but overwhelming in its management. That would send me down under the covers till the thaw!

    I think January can be a hard month in general. It should be filled with new beginnings but it's often compounded by finishing up the old year. And then there's the weather for those of us in climates that are cold -- especially when it isn't our natural state of happy!

    But your new work is beautiful. I'll be eager to see the progress on your quilt -- what wonderful fabrics! And, on the sweater.And eager to hear your word, too!

  4. i call myself a winter type gal....love the cold, crisp, and occasional nesting snow; but that's easy to say in Kentucky. I wasn't so positive about this season when we lived in Buffalo (although I attributed THAT to the fact that the kids were small and all I did those years was put on and take off snowsuits and mop up snow puddles!!!) I can well imagine my thrill of the cold would wane a bit if I had to deal with your kind of weather. Luckily, you have your crafts. (Honestly, what would we do without them???) Anxiously await more photos of the little cardi and the quilt---once the little house is finished, I'm hoping my machine will find a home back there where I can actually use it more!!!!) We'll have to compare notes (and I may be asking your help!!!)

  5. our weather here is a yo-yo. it goes from spring to arctic. sometimes inside of 6 hours! weird. but life on this prairie.
    I lived my entire married life missing my little mother who lived 1400 miles away or more. it was sad.
    I hate that for you. your family is even farther!
    but you soldier on. and I admire you for that.
    I did too. but I sometimes wonder now at all the precious time lost.
    I LOVE that beautiful yarn! oh my! one of my favorite colors. my robe is that color and it cheers me every time I wear it!
    XOXOXO♥ spring is coming dearest bean! it's coming soon!

  6. Lovely,lovely,lovely to hear from you here and in my comments.
    Those long dark winters is a big reason we moved south. I kept telling myself to embrace the winter, but it was never easy. Already we are seeing some changes in sunset time...I always look forward to summer!
    As always, I am in awe of your quilting prowess.

  7. Creative pursuits will chase the blues away. I do love seeing your snow and blue sky, it is quite beautiful. I can imagine it is quite restrictive too. Computer problems are no fun! My computer guy just put my computer back to Windows 7. He doesn't like #10 and said there will be better updates later. Oh and camera issues too, oh so sad! Hope life gets better and the light shines for you.

  8. Hi Tracy,

    I share your feelings of homesickness - it definitely gets worse every year and never seems to get any easier. I miss my family so much.

    Like you, we had a huge dumping of snow and now it is extremely cold. I hate winter! Wish I could follow your idea and hibernate until spring.

    Wrap up and keep warm.
    Marie x

  9. Hi Tracy, we didn't get any snow this year. The amount you've gotten reminds me of when I used to live in Sapporo. I can see why you'd want to stay inside where it's cozy and warm.

    And I understand your frustration with the software update as my husband has been undergoing that same microsoft headache.

    Happy to see the new projects you've started and hope you can reach a remedy for the digital camera situation.

  10. Beautiful candle glasses Tracy. Sorry to hear about your techie issues. Sounds awful! January is a time to look back and look forward. I think the Unravelling is good for concentrating your thoughts. I hope the snow helps you feel cosy instead of cabin feverish, soon.

  11. Lovely to see another post from you Tracy. I can surely empathise with you and the missing home business, becuase like you I am a transplant in a foreign land. I think Winter gets a lot of people down and especially the letdown in January after Christmas. I find if I just get stuck into a couple of projects then I am soon out of my funk. Looks like you are doing just that. Can't wait to see these things finished and to hear what your word is for the year! Windows 10 was a nightmare for us. We ended up having to have our computer completely wiped clean at great expense. I would never download it again. Sending you lots of love and extra hugs. Wish we lived closer. xoxo


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