Hope ...for 2016

Dream Catcher --by Tracy Bakkelokken
20 x 24-inches (50 x 60ccm) --mixed media painting on canvas

Hope... for some deep wishes I have for this year, and beyond. Hope in some small changes, and big changes. Hope, that no matter what, God is always on my side. :)

Hope is my word for 2016... The wishes and changes have yet to develop and shape more, so some of that will have to keep... But two words support my Hope...

Explore... exploring options for making some changes, shaping new dreams. To open up what feels like, in some ways, a rather stagnant life of the past two years and dealing with difficulties. (And of course, exploring new creative avenues & projects too! ;)

Invigorate... I feel like I've lost my sparkle. A sense of subdued physical energy--a loss of vitality, which, somehow, only now I'm really registering. Dealings and happenings of the past couple of years have drained my batteries--physically & mentally.  The way I have been feeling for a while has not been good... time to take some action!

I really need some super-positive words for this new year! Hope was presenting itself to me in gentle ways the end of December. So were images of birds--often a hopeful symbol, doves especially.

My words for 2016 I have added (digitally) to this mixed media painting I created, Dream Catcher.

What are your plans, hopes and dreams for 2016?!


  1. Tracy that sounds so positive, I think youre word is full of energy! I certainly felt it when I read your post!

  2. Your innate creativity can't be suppressed ;-) And I hope along with you, my friend. Love the floating sense of lightness in your mixed media work.

  3. you're a summer golden sunshine girl dear one.
    and you're a little plant trying to bloom in a colder darker climate!
    but just as the brave tiny crocuses and jonquils seek the light through the snow... so do you!
    just reading these words you've written shows a renewed energy and life force! YOU GO GIRL!
    with much much love and huge snoopy hugs!

  4. Positivity is the word! Love the artwork! Ros x

  5. So happy dear Tracy for you ... Your post is so uplifting, new energy, new decisions, new ideas .... All will be well again! The painting is beautiful!!!
    ❤️❤️❤️ big hugs, love Jitka

  6. what an uplifting positive post Tracy! I can feel your energy and joy! Like you. I have had to try to make a new life for myself in a foreign country, away from family and it's not easy. I love what Tammy said! You are just like a brave little snow drop raising your sweet little heart and head above the snow! Love you to bits! Sending you love and hugs. xoxo

  7. Hope is a very good word. How I love, love your artwork representing HOPE. So happy you plan to take action. All the best to you with love, m

  8. Beautiful art work and I love the word you've chosen for 2016. Wishing you the changes you hope to have and the renewed energy to move forward with them.

  9. The word that popped into my mind as I was reading your wonderful post was 'yearning'. Hopeful yearning for so much this year. Blessings as you explore and pursue this year's dreams.

  10. A lovely word choice Tracy. The painting reminds me of Monet's water lily series with bold strokes of colour creating a serenity. My hope for you is that you recharge this year and regain your sparkle, so you can shine again.

  11. A lot to think about, reading your post. The word that popped up when reading it was TRUST! I hope for you that you will find peace in your body and mind. Trust that it will be given to you, even if the steps of hope can be difficult. Let the Dream Catcher deal with the difficulties at night and let the bird whisper hope to you! Thinking of you my dear friend!

  12. Oh, and I Love your mixed media painting!

  13. A good word choice Tracy. I saw your previous post about Unravelling the Year Ahead and got as far as printing the course after I signed up. Hoping to now have some time to work on it.

    Marie x

  14. Hope, exploration and becoming invigorated are such wonderful goals. I love how you have the support words -- that makes a lot of sense.

    I was wondering why you hadn't posted in a bit and was beginning to get worried, so I checked in and realized that you DID and I missed it! Wonder if something is wrong with the mail feed or if it came during the dark days and got deleted by mistake. Anyway, sorry for the late visit and thanks for yours! I'll be shooting you an email shortly!

    Oh, and by the way, your art expressing this -- beautiful in every way. Much texture and feeling and of course I love the blue! Dream Catcher is a perfect title.


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