A Full Life...

A Full Life... I saw this list (which I added digitally to a painting I have in progress) here. It got me to thinking about how I'd rate each of these items for my own life list. It also got me seeing that I need to/could up the scales on a few of these, and how to go about that. This list, these individual words hold so much. For me, they define parts of a what it is to live a full life.

For a life more full, I'll be working with and enjoying more of these. They fit in nicely with my HOPE for the new year...


  1. I think its rare to get a perfect balance of each of those things in the list, but its good to keep working on them and make some of them more achievable. It really is about juggling the balance around isnt it? Also good to be mindful as to how we rate them in our own lives.

  2. oh good grief! LOLOL
    I have subscribed so i'll never miss your posts...
    and I commented on the subscription notice!
    I LOVE that painting dearest girl of the north.
    and the post... and Courtney's blog...
    all good.
    XOXO♥ hugs to you and the viking and charlie!

  3. Love coming across inspiration words. Words are so powerful. Thanks for your share.

  4. All worthy pursuits, and yes, part of a full and happy life. Love all that you share Tracy. I hope you are feeling a lot better these days! Love and hugs to you, all three of you! xoxo

  5. What an amazing list of words/goals for life balance. Good luck and thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Some wonderful words to ponder over and see how or where they fit in one's own day. I love the painting you used for the background. Reminds me of the sea and the sun's colors. Some slow mail is on it's way to you.

  7. I have missed so much. But I did add you to bloglovin so that if feedburner doesn't send me your emails at least I will see your posts that way!


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