This date on the Catholic calendar marks The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. It is know by many other names, including Presentation of the Lord.

Traditionally this day is also called Candlemas, in which beeswax candles for church and home use are blessed.

A beautiful day to celebrate the Lord--The Light of the World!

This morning I light a candle... for Him.


  1. Hi Tracy,

    I was thinking about Candlemas when I got up this morning. I am hoping to get some new beeswax candles and burn them this evening.

    It is also the mid-point in winter, so I'm sure we could all use some light in the darkness.

    Marie x

  2. I'd forgotten about Candlemass . . a beautiful tradition. Everyone needs a light in the darkness of winter.

  3. I'm not familiar with Candlemas. I love that name -- it is so visual and I love the thought of the beeswax candles. As Candytuft mentioned, we can all use a little light these days!

  4. another lovely simple tradition....a gift!

  5. a light in the darkness.
    they did have a beautiful way in the olden days of knowing mankind needed little celebrations.
    and of His life.
    oddly... beeswax candles are the only kind that don't make my eyes burn and water. I seem to be allergic to chemicals used in all others.
    the little bee. the light in winter. the Light in our lives. xoxo

  6. I am not familiar either with Candlemas, though I have seen this word. My candle is burning to bring light into my house with the winter darkness outdoors. It makes me happy during the winter. It was made for me by my daughter and grandson as a gift at Christmas.

  7. Beautiful tradition! A special day for me as it was my first mother's birthday.

  8. I love learning about all of these small celebrations of your faith during the year Tracy! Love you lots! xoxo

  9. Beeswax candles are the most natural and best way to honour and reflect.
    Peacefully spiritual.


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