On my work table...

On my work table... a new quilt! For the past few weeks I've slowly been working on creating a small Double Wedding Ring Quilt. Slow because this is one pattern, I find, that does not zip up fast. Accuracy is essential. Thankfully, some machine paper piecing is helping me achieve that. Sewing up the pieced arcs and the other shapes to create the rings has not exactly been easy, even though I'm following a relatively simple pattern. This project has been challenging--very challenging. A small quilt it will be--and I'm glad I decided on that already, as I'm not sure my sanity at this point in time could handle making a larger ring quilt... LOL! Still, I'm learning a lot, and that's always a good thing. And the soft soothing colors of aqua blue and gray smooth out my ruffled edges...

I'm using this free downloadable pattern/template.

What's challenging for you right now?

P.S. And in other fiber news... I've been enjoying working the child size version of Danyel Pink’s Cotton Candy Cardigan for my young niece, and decided to try hooking an adult size cardi for myself to wear come spring! The pattern is very easy to follow and very enjoyable for a first crochet garment. The yarn color for mine is this pretty light, misty blue-gray. I’m using a combo of hook sizes, as it’s been hard to get the balance for making the size I need. I usually have a difficult time getting a yarn where I’m living here in Norway to correspond with US OR UK patterns, as we have completely different yarn brands  her, and getting the hook/needle thing to work out. I have past the yoke section, and have now made the arm/sleeve holes and can continue to hook that back length. We'll see how it goes... And funnily enough, this matches the quilt I'm working on above!


  1. I just traced a patter for a simple tunic top....yep. I MIGHT get my sewing machine out!!! Rather excited. Lots to learn...like what in the world is a bias-tape-MAKER??? I guess I need one, but must figure out what it is first!!! Love the colors in your projects....lovely!

  2. Tracy, this is lovely. I have a blue and white wedding ring quilt bought from Mennonites in Canada. Interestingly enough, I've learned from my family tree search that my great grandmother came from Canada and whether or not she was a Mennonite, the family tree indicates that's what brought the people over here from Europe! That quilt means even more to me now!

  3. I can see how the circular pattern for the quilt would be challenging with so many small pieces and keeping the circular lines. Impressive!

    The crochet project for your niece already has that fine, graceful feel to it already.

    You've got some happy projects on your work table:)
    wishing you a good week.

  4. Both the cardigan and quilt are going to be wonderful. The colors are so very much you.

  5. Good for you to try this pattern! It looks like it is going together well! You will have a lovely quilt when it's done!

  6. It's going to be wonderful, Tracy!

  7. All that meticulous quilt work would make me faint. You are doing a beautiful job and those colors are so soothing. Well done on the cardigan -- the stitch is so pretty and delicate.


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