Winter Morning in Lent...

I love mornings. There is just something so beautifully sacred about morning... the precious gift of it. 

My morning prayers turn to the richness of Lent... this time to return again and again to my God with all my heart... To lose myself so that He will fill me with more of Him. To daily receive the invitation of the great gift of LOVE He offers in Jesus... To take up the cup, to take up my cross... To follow Him, so that I may be an expression of His love in service to others. 

A new day, a new week now--full of blessings... another chance to LOVE! 


  1. A beautiful morning. I hope your Valentine's weekend was full of LOVE.

  2. I love that sky - I'm an early bird myself, so I'm generally up before dawn. We don't see much of the sunrise here - too many buildings in the way.

    We have had a mild day today, so took advantage and went for a walk this morning - marvellous fresh air after too many days indoors.

    Marie x

  3. Mornings are sacred. I cherish those few hours by myself before anyone else gets up . . . when I can be completely along with my God and my thoughts. It is a special time for me. Love you very much dear friend. Hope all is well. Huggles and love coming your way. xoxo

  4. What a magnificent sky. I do love my morning time -- just time to be still and start the day. What a way to begin!


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