Life... a little at a time...

Lately life has a strange suspended feeling. It's not winter anymore, but it's not really spring either. My HOPEs and dreams gathered at the New Year have been slow to taking shape. And life has thrown a couple of big curve balls at me, so I'm trying to navigate around those. There feels like a lot to process, and at times it's almost overwhelming.

As always, when life gets tough--fiber helps soothe my frazzled spirit!

Sooo... in between it all, I've been working on this quilt. It's working name has been French Boudoir Quilt. This is the quilt top so far. A wide, chunky border in white will be added yet to complete the top. I have to admit, this is one of my favorite quilt projects I've worked on.

Ooooo... I LOVE, adore these fabrics! The aqua blue fabrics are mainly from a range called Marie Antoinette designed by Deborah Edwards for the Northcott Studio fabric producer. This range is a couple of years+ old, so harder to find. But you can see some of the fabrics here. The grays are from two older fabrics lines, which I'm having a hard time finding links for. 

I've composed the quilt with different block methods. There's some 9-patch blocks...

some blocks built of 2.5-inch squares surrounding a 4.5-inch square...

but the bulk of the quilt is simple solid or print 6.5-inch squares.

It will be a while until this project is truly complete. There are white borders to add to the top. And I have no backing for this yet, or binding fabric... and no batting/wadding. So a work in progress, a little at a time. And that's OK--that this will take time. Sewing offers much calm... and I appreciate that gift. 

Are you weathering any storms just now, or is it smooth sailing for you? I hope it's smooth sailing! ;) 

P.S. It's been a while... so Charlie wanted to drop by and send you all a BIG lot of LOVE! OXOXOX


  1. Hi Charlie!! It's always nice to see you! Loving the quilt cover Tracy! Your colours are just gorgeous. I think this is my favourite as well. I can't wait to see it finished. You are always very much on my mind my dear friend. Every time I pick up one of my bags, or put on a pair of earring or necklace, or touch my prayer beads, you are in my heart. Love you so very much and want only happiness for you and joy. Love and hugs. xoxo

  2. Beautiful fabrics in the quilt, and those colours are so soothing. Thats one of the joys of sewing I find, while the hands are busy, working on it quietens the soul.Purrs and cuddles to Charlie!

  3. oh sweet charlie!
    first i love your banner... with him cozied up sleeping there.
    and then to get to the end of this post and there he is!
    thank you!
    dearest girl of the north. i hope the curve balls have not been more times like last year. take care.
    love to you always. you are one of the dearest gentlest souls i know.
    and the quilt! impeccably beautiful! XOXO♥

  4. Oh my goodness ...I love the soft variations on greys and teals and squares. It is meditating just to view.

    Sending you hugs and strength to move forward in your endeavors.

    And sweet Charlie gets a hug too:)

  5. Your quilt top is so beautiful, dear Tracy! I just love how you mixed the fabrics and how you put together the blocks! I'm glad that working on it helps you to lighten your burdens a bit!
    I hope you have a happy weekend!
    Give dear Charlie a hug (if he allows that ;)

  6. This is so beautiful, Tracy. The colors are very, very calm and I can see why it would be thoughtful and meditative to spend time working on this. I had a needlepoint pillow I did when my mom was in the hospital and I'd visit -- I called it my "prayer pillow" because in each stitch there was a prayer -- for strength, for healing, for so many things. Maybe this is your prayer quilt, too.

    Thanks for sharing Charlie with us! I always love those orange cat pix and he's one of the handsome boys!

  7. Greetings to Charlie!
    Love the quilt. The colors are so you and I could almost see a cross in it.

  8. Thank you, everyone, for the quilt--and Charlie--LOVE! :) The quilt has in a lot of ways been a bit like picking up the pieces of my life right now and finding some clarity, calm, peace, order... trying to find a new way with all the pieces, let some go, some to build something new... I guess this is a prayer quilt and more--it's my future quilt!! And I didn't realize it until now! Sometimes we're so close to something, we can't see it... LOL!

  9. Hi Tracy, Yay! Thanks for leaving such a lovely delightful comment on my blog. I really appreciate it. Wonderful to find other Christian woman who love reading, beauty and sewing and quilting! I have added your blog to my feed reader and look forward to getting to know you! I read the last few of your entries and know very well how Lent is hard and that life throws us some curve balls that we don't see coming. God is our Hope and He will not leave us, no matter what comes our way. Blessed weekend! (and love your cat Charlie!!!)

    1. Hi! I emailed you just now, FYI! :)

  10. Tracy, the quilt is stunning. The colours are just beautiful! So lovely to see Charlie too. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping you find the best pathway and your new direction so that you can find some peace! Ros and Oscar x

  11. Oh Tracy, I love that quilt! The different blocks fascinate me. Big squares, little squares...
    I'm just pushing through to the end of the school year. It's not really a storm, just weeds.

  12. Charlie, you bundle of furry love -- kiss kiss.
    Though I personally have no patience or skill for quilting, I can admire and appreciate how the process helps you focus while you are navigating the storms. I'm sorry that's weighing on you. But the resulting work in your hands is beautiful. Calming greys with joyful patterns are so pretty.

  13. Hi Tracy, I need to get back to some craft projects to create an oasis of calm. Your quilt is coming along beautifully - you must be so pleased with the colour combination too. Marie x

  14. Hello beautiful Charlie! (And I'm hoping those curveballs are not too burdensome...)


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