Simple Gifts... bible art journalling

Last year after discovering the beautiful and inspirational Bible art of Illustrated Faith, Rebekah R. Jones and Valerie Sjodin of Visual Blessings, I was completely dazzled and motivated to try it! It's been about a year since I've been creating art in a Bible of my own. Every now and again I share a peek of a page or spread, but this has come to be something I do weekly, and has become very much a part of my days.

These are some recent pages created in my Bible. I've been praying with and working with the Psalms for a few months now. My art play is simple, and I like it that way. I appreciate the wide margin of the single-column pages of this Bible I'm using. And I don't paint or cover up too much of the text, as I want to be able to read/see as much of it as possible.

Um... yes, aqua blue... again... There seems to be a LOT of aqua blue in my Bible art too, as you've seen in my other creative endeavors... What can I say? Along with pink, it's my color.  ;)

Each page begins with a coat of clear gesso, which seals the page--so paint, ink or other does not bleed through. I often then just apply a quick color wash with thinned acrylic paint. I don't have a lot of supplies, actually. What I use is mostly acrylic paints, watercolor pencils, inks, stencils for letting, artist pens with variety of tips for different effects. For texture, embellishments & marking it's fun try different things--wine bottle corks, foam/brush stencilers, cookie/biscuit cutters, old tooth brushes for splattering paint, the eraser end of a pencil makes great dots. Pretty rubber stamps and stickers add more color and pattern. Oh, and wet wipes must be close to hand for blending techniques, wiping away a "mistake", or just cleaning up a mess! I learned early on, unfortunately, that the pages of my particular Bible for creating art are too thin to support a lot of mixed media--so paint + collage has been a no go. Bibles can be expensive. So this is the one I have to create in, and trying to make the most of it. Every week I'm learning what works, and what doesn't. It always feels fresh and fun!

This form of creativity is the most meaningful for me  above any other I do these days, as I see it as extended prayer time. Time to be with God in a happy, playful way... I think He likes that! ;)


  1. just beautiful!
    who would have thought? but it is. :)
    xo have a wonderful weekend tracy.

  2. I love this, Tracy. I love it a lot! And you anticipated my question -- how do you keep it from bleeding through? I have never seen clear gesso. Maybe just never looked but what a fabulous idea. You know I'm a sucker for seeing art supplies and I loved seeing all yours laid out.

    The pages are just perfect. I love the transparency so you can see the words and the texture you have added with your supplies. How meaningful and prayerful.

    On a only tangentially related-unrelated note, I was digging in old boxes in the basement for family photos and I found the Danish Bible of my great grandfather. I can't understand a word but it's gorgeous.

  3. Yes, I agree! I do believe God would love this gorgeous art filled bible. I love what you are doing.

  4. Tracy, your bible is gorgeous. I got a journaling Bible for Christmas two years ago and have yet to do anything in it. Afraid of ruining it's pages I think. You have given some great hints there! Thank YOU so much! Hugs and prayers and plenty of love coming your way always! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  5. Ohhhh, how lovely!!! The Psalms are my favorite :)

  6. forgot to post on this one, so lovely. God bless you dear one!


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