A little light in the world...

"Fill your mind with thoughts of God. Spend your days thinking about things that are good and true and beautiful and noble, and you will become good and true and beautiful and noble."
--Matthew Kelly, from: Resisting Happiness

Fog and Frost... We've been under a woolly blanket of freezing fog and mist for most of the week here. Lights are turned on a bit earlier. Candles are lit a bit sooner. I hunger for light...

LIGHT... We are all a light! These days I'm often in prayer and reflection on the topic of light. Seems fitting in winter now, and also at this time where it feels like the world needs some big healing, some big light. And I know I'm not alone in these feelings. I do believe we are all in this together, and that there can be ways to bridge all the hurt that's happening.

My image here today has me thinking how much it seems to reflect the state of the world at the moment, and especially my home country of America. I've not really written here about how I feel about what's happening back home, especially on the political front. But I felt very, very sad about the results of the Presidential election and what's been taking shape in the aftermath. My already tender insides are licking more wounds. But I want to be among those who are pulling themselves up and be a part of the healing.


I pray a lot that God may graciously instill in me these qualities. That He may help me shine my light a little brighter, and that that light might be of some good to others. I don't believe we're meant to dwell in darkness--either inwardly, or outwardly. Our hearts and bodies just weren't meant for darkness, but for LIGHT... for LOVE...

Two candles lit for love and hope... that we all may love one another, no matter what. And for hope that love lights in all of us will keep shining and reaching out...


  1. I am with you Tracy. I pray for America every day. We all need to because our world relys on America for so much, especially its strength. We have not had the freezing fog here but they have had it down south. A few flights, etc were cancelled due to it. Love your candles and what they represent, and your thoughts on love and hope. I always think to myself that change begins with me. Love you! xoxo

  2. Such beautiful words, thoughts and prayers, Tracy! May the two lights always shine for the world and reach especially those who do not know and feel the true meaning of LOVE and LIGHT.
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend <3

  3. Beautifully stated, Tracy. I love the candles and most of all your beautiful words. Events today and yesterday have been so hurtful to our country. It needs all the prayers it can get.

  4. I whole heartedly agree with you.
    i just bought ' the little book of hygge.'
    there are four other small books on it that are on amazon.
    barnes and noble only had the first one.
    i think we (you and i) already live hygge. but it's always lovely to read about it.
    wishing you much light darling girl of the north.
    i crave it too. like a plant craves it for survival! xoxo♥

  5. A beautiful photo and I can see the foggy, grey sky in the background. I love how you say we are a light. The world needs a big hug indeed!

    Have you heard that song by Monsters and Men titled, Organs? It is such a heavy song but I love lyrics for the bit of hope that it gives. And like you said, we each can do our part by shining our own "light a little brighter".

  6. Love and Hope, what more is there to say, amidst all the current unrest in the World. Ros xx

  7. This is such a beautiful post Tracy. I know how your heart breaks at the thought of what is happening in your homeland. Keep that light shining. Marie x

  8. Words well written. Thank you so much! Yes, we need love, hope, and above all else LIGHT.


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