January Reading

OK... so there may be more than one post per week here. You don't mind though, right? ;)

Winter is a nice time for hunkering down with extra reading! I like reading hard copy, print books, but I also do enjoy e-books too. Here's what I'm currently reading...

For spiritual growth and refreshment... Thirsting for God is a wonderful daily devotional with a quote, piece of a story, essay, etc.--in her own words--by the great and much loved Mother Teresa of Calcutta (who was canonized a SAINT in the Catholic church last year!) I like daily devotion books like this, with a little reading to begin the day with. To think about, pray with, and sip on rest of the day.

Resisting Happiness is a new-ish book by Matthew Kelly, founder of Dynamic Catholic. I've just started this and already know I'm going to have my journal handy while reading this one! It explores the age-old questions surrounding the idea of happiness, and ways we  cleverly (or not so cleverly), wreck our own happiness!

This is a pair of books I'm borrowing from the library... India_Contemporary is a GORGEOUS coffee table book overflowing with interiors that combine the beauty of traditional arts & crafts alongside current design elements in India. I don't usually borrow (or buy) home/interior books. But this one sat on the library shelf and pulled me right in! I've always wanted to travel to India, actually...

Søndagsmiddag is a scrumptious book of recipes (paired with tasty photos!) and inspiration for the best meal of the week--Sunday dinner. This is written by the well-known food writer/blogger here in Norway, Marit Røttingsnes Westlie, otherwise known as Fru Timian (Mrs. Thyme). 

Lots of good things to "chew" on with these!  But how about you? What book(s) is/are on your nightstand, your coffee table, in your book bag, or your tablet/device? Any recommendations?!


  1. Oh, I'm seeing lots of good hunkering down and reading! Nicely diverse, Tracy. I suspect you will be inspired, refreshed and enchanted by it all. (And eat well, too!)

  2. I usually have two or three going. Right now it is A Man Called Ove and When Wanderers Cease to Roam by Vivian Swift. Home decorator books and cookbooks often entice me, but I am trying to resist. Happy weekend, dear friend.

    1. NICE reading selections, Marilyn! A Man Called Ove is on my list. We saw the film based on the book last year, and it was VERY good, so I'm eager to read the book too!

  3. I love a post from you anytime! LOL
    the beautiful book on contemporary India interests me for sure. I'll see if my own library might have it.
    I have a wonderful blogging friend of many years now that is a native.
    he lives in Pune India. such a beautiful city. boundless trees and universities and parks.
    i've learned so much about India through his blog.
    every now and then he will show a glimpse of his home and garden. so lovely. cool looking... and simple.
    it's wonderful to get to know another culture through the life and eyes of a friend actually living there.
    the only way now that i'll ever get to visit! :)

  4. Nothing like a good hardback book! Enjoy! x

  5. Loving your reading list Tracy. I am biting into "The Continuous Atonement" by Brad Wilcox this year along with "Filled with Mercy, 365 reflections on the Atonement" as well as journeying my way through "Book of Mormon Study Journal: A Personal Journey Through the Scriptures" by Rena Peterson. I also just ordered myself Scandanavian Comfort Food by Trine Hahnemann . Plus a few other simple fluff books. Don't you just love this season of canoodling and reading? I do! LOVE YOU! xoxo

  6. books are such a blessing and I LOVE real tangible solid books too!!! Have you read Elizabeth Goudge? she is a lovely English author... :) Have a wonderful day!

  7. You can't beat a good Sunday lunch - looks like you have found some good inspiration Tracy. Such fun to see your current reading. Enjoy! Marie x


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