New Year Journalling

For fun today, a little peek inside my journal pages... At the top of the month I began some new year journalling... And after a couple of weeks in, I'm still working, still writing. I've been taking my time exploring what I would like this year of JOY to hold. 

LOVE and HOPE are my support words to go along with all the JOY... and some words of inspiration: When God closes a door, He opens a window... 

A new addition to my journal this year, is that I'm adding some bullet journal-style charts to my pages to fill in progress of key areas of focus. You might notice that I'm using just a plain, spiral bound notebook for my journalling--nothing too fancy for my scribblings and musing. (I did jazz up the cover with some scrapbook papers. I prefer unlined pages, but I couldn't find one I liked, so lined it is for now...) 

Another something new I'm adding to my pages this year is journalling with the Daily Question on Gratefulness, a beautiful community-supported online project rooted in gratitude--grateful, mindful living.

It's wonderful having some great, creative companions while journalling... like Jesus, and the King of Rock and Roll! (VERY fun singing Elvis Presley card given to me by my sweet sister recently for my birthday!)

Some creative sparks are beginning to crackle here, and next week I'll be dipping into some online courses. 10 Days to Making Art You Love presented by Tara Leaver, a sort of mini course to jump-start creativity. And I'll also be starting The Broken Way, a 6-session online Bible Study based on Ann Voskamp's book of same title. VERY excited!

For more creative fun, stop by next week when I'll be sharing some crochet that's hooking around here... And thank you, again, for the VERY, very warm welcome back to blogland... it has been sooo good!! 


  1. I hope you find wonderful depth in your studies, Tracy, but I wishwishwish we could be in group together. But God is always working and I pray you'll see great things in 2107.

  2. sometimes simple is better!
    I always journaled in simple lined notebooks like that.
    those beautiful unlined pristine books always intimidated me! I was always sure I would mess it up. LOL!
    the important thing is to chart our growth and know ourselves along the way. ♥♥ :)

  3. I'm so looking forward to reading here all about your creative, hooking and journalling adventures that you share with us. So far 2017 is looking good! I bought a real inexpensive diary this year, and usually I'm very careful how I write in it, this year I'm going for a more relaxed way of journalling!

  4. What a light and shining place to work on your journal. Thank you for all the links you shared. I do have Ann Voskamp's new book and might start the Bible Study too.
    Wishing you a happy and warm weekend! Xox

  5. Lovely post Tracy. It is fun to share your journal pages. Enjoy your online courses. Marie x

  6. Thanks for sharing a page in your journal. Love the dove with the heart.

  7. i enjoyed having a peek at your journal pages and love the drawing with your words. I've been trying to keep my morning habit of sitting at my desk and working in my journal. Looks like you've got a pleasing set up/place to work!

  8. What a good idea, doing the journal and I love the charts. I'd say you have some good traveling companions, too. (Oh, and those lighted trees are perfection!)

  9. I keep wanting to start an art journal Tracy. The ones I have seen are so beautiful. I just scribble away in my journals, thoughts, quotes etc. They are all over the place. I love the neatness of yours. So happy you are back. I think that bible study course sounds fabulous! Happy days! xoxo

    PS - Love the Elvis Card. Love YOU!


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