Candles lit for celebration and prayer this morning on our home altar-shelf... This date on the Catholic calendar marks The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. It is a day by many other names, including Presentation of the Lord. Traditionally this day is also known as Candlemas, in which beeswax candles for church and home use are blessed. 

My favorite pink crystal Miraculous Medal Rosary ready for morning prayers...

On the left, in the grey box, are the ashes of our Charlie-kitty, along with a pair of his favorite mousie toys. A little memorial to our fur-angel...

A beautiful day to celebrate the Lord--The Light of the World! This morning I light a candle... for Him... for our Charlie... and one for us all. 


  1. What a beautiful place to celebrate the Lord. And for celbrating Light. Today my mother would have celebrated her 90th birthday. In 1964 she celebrated her last birthday. I will light a candle especially for her today.
    Love and Light to you my very dear friend!

  2. I always love your thoughts when it comes to spiritual things Tracy. You have such a beautiful and tender soul. I will light a candle today for the three sons which Todd has lost. God bless you. Love you so much. I am so pleased that you are once again writing. You have always been such an important part of my online life, for many years now! Ever since Pink Pearl! xoxo

  3. your words always have such a sense of peace.
    and when the world seems too much with me...
    it helps.
    I will light a candle for our wee charlie too. if he only knew how many virtual tummy rubs he had from afar!
    I hope luna is finding her place in your home. I know she already has found it in your hearts. xoxo♥

  4. I love the name candlemas. It's beautiful. Oh, Charlie, there's a pretty spot upon which you rest with your play pals close by. Biggest hugs.

  5. very nice! so many special things and I love the icons! I was at liturgy for Candlemas today, such a beautiful feast! I love the icon of our Lord Jesus as a baby being held by Elder Simon! So special!!! much love to you and HUGS!


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