Happy LOVE Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day! I LOVE each of you--truly, I do! Many of you I've known for some years now, which is a great gift! You've seen me through "thick and thin"... thank you... thank you... :)

The LOVE doodle is one I tinkered with using a new set of water soluble wax pastels. They created a lovely, soft watercolor-like background on my watercolor paper, and were enjoyable using them in both wet and dry applications. I also added some metallic oil pastels for some shimmer. The camera is not picking up on the pretty shimmer, though...

At the end of the week I'll share a few more love-ly moments...


  1. 💕 to you my very dear friend 💕

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Tracy! Thank you for your wonderful gift of friendship. Marie x

  3. Hope you have a WONDERFUL and Happy Valentines day!!!!

  4. oh what a beautiful little gift!
    I have been missing your art!
    happy love day dearest girl of the north!
    hugs to beautiful luna! XOXO AND YOU! AND the Viking! :)

  5. Love back to you! And I love your doodle!

  6. lovely! happy day to you! God bless!!!


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