More JOY

The other day I was editing photos, and going through my archive of photos as well, and found this fun JOY-full photo that I took during our trip to Vienna, Austria ... waaay back in spring of 2012!!  I don't recall where this was taken, but I think this neon sign was in the window of some shop, restaurant, or other. I'd like one for here at our home!  ;)  I think I might need to add a joy chart to my new year journalling... It's been a good time for joy lately!

Sooo... just sharing a bit of JOY to carry on the theme here... :))) How is your joy chart looking these days?!


  1. This JOY brings happiness! I think it would look nice in pink for you (: Softer and kinder. My joy today: my four amaryllis blooming in shining red.

    1. Pink neon JOY light... Yes!! I'll take that... I love pink, you know! ;)

  2. I love sharing the joy! This one is so fun, especially in the bright yellow and blue which is so very happy and yes, joyful!

  3. sharing the joy with you too!
    it's even better I think than happiness.
    happiness seems like a lovely house guest.
    whereas joy comes quietly and stays at the hearth with you.
    XOXO♥ have a wonderful week dearest girl of the north!

  4. Beautiful sentiments, Tammy.. and I quite agree! Joy is a state of heart that can last longer than happiness. Joy is like a flower blooming--it can take time--slow, quiet--but WOW when it comes into bloom. Happiness has a more ephemeral quality, it being more dependent on changeable things.

  5. I feel like mine is a bit in limbo at the moment, but I'm working on it. Great sign, Tracy! Marie x

  6. Your photo and thoughts are wonderful here. Oh to find more JOY here in the states.

  7. JOY yes. We all need more of that. I think its there, we just need to use our joy seeking eyes to find it. xoxo


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