Simple Gifts... gifts of light and love

Simple Gifts... Oh, these days... the light and love here are tremendous! Is our one body ever enough to hold so much?! That's why we have to give it away, isn't it? Give away the light, give away the love. It's all gotta be shared!

Here's a photo sampler from recent days... Winter is such a great time for observing the different qualities of light. And not least light indoors, too. We are indoors a lot at the moment as we help our Luna --our sweet kitty-cat love-- to be a part of our little family-world. That I was able to get this photo still amazes me, for she is still very shy. But it is going really well this first week. Though she is skittish, and hides behind the sofa sometimes, she's affectionate and loves cuddles. Oh, the purrs and little squeak-talk! It is sooo wonderful having four paws in our home again! :)))

Wishing you days filled with simple gifts, and the gifts of light and love... May the LOVE be so big in your lives, in your hearts!

P.S. Yesterday light was also celebrated--Candlemas!


  1. such a contrast - the dark there to our bright light and summer! I think I could do a little more of the darker here and cant wait for winter again! Luna is gorgeous, look at the way she's positioned her paws . . . so cute!

  2. this post is the tracy we know and love!!!
    the light fairly shines from your words!
    and i see that luna wears her eyeliner in a spectacular way!
    every sentence i'm speaking ends in an exclamation point!
    ah. such is love. and you said it all perfectly ...
    and with perfect pictures.
    and ps... i used to have those chairs once. I love them!!!
    so warm and scandinavian and simple. perfection.

  3. love your beautiful table for 4 and all the light!!! candles (and Candlemas) are all so moving and encouraging!! Luna is a real darling!! so glad you have her!! God bless and protect you!!!

  4. I loved seeing all your photos. That winter sky is striking and that is one gorgeous chicken roast! Sweet Luna looks quite comfy. Glad to hear it's been a good, first week for the three of you. Purrs and little cat talk ... sweet:)

  5. Glimpses of you home are just lovely. Oh dear, Luna! I just know she is happy to be with you. Your church too is quite lovely. Thanks for the peeks of even the delicious looking chicken. Yummm!

  6. I hope Luna will blossom under your loving care. She looks like a sweetie.

    The days are lengthening already and I'm loving the light. Your cozy home looks so welcoming with candles and good food. Your smile comes through with every image.

  7. Oh Tracy! I love every single photo. It all speaks to a happy life (and company for dinner, I think!). Your little Luna Girl is so beautiful (definitely a Lizzie-look, sans moustache, so of course I am biased. Your church is beautiful and oh, it speaks of such a quiet but very happy joy.

  8. Your photo's express a lot of love, light, quietness, happiness faith and hope! So beautiful, to have the sweetest member added to your family joy!

  9. Thank you, everyone for all your happy thoughts shared... soo glad you've enjoyed this post! This is what happens when there's a back,og of photos and too difficult to choose just one! ;)

  10. Dear Tracy Luna is beautiful! Beautiful. I know that with your love she will soon become very relaxed and a happy happy cat. Well she already is! :-) sweet thing bless her heart and yours and TJ's! Thank you so much for sharing love Tracy and thank you for the morning conversation! Love you! sending big hugs Jitka

  11. Lovely photos Tracy and you got a great photo of Luna. Enjoy the light and the love. Marie x


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