This Week... a week-end round up

This Week...  Thank you so much for all the LOVE-ly comments to my photo post last Friday! Inspired by your enthusiasm, I may make this kind of photo-sampler/happy info post a weekly or biweekly experiment for a while... Yes??!! (And I will be trying to reply to comments/questions more often, right here on the blog in the comments section.)

In the Roman Catholic Church--  A lot happening this week! Top of the week, Sunday, the 5th of February, was World Day for Consecrated Life, for those who have dedicated their lives by vows to reflect the light of Jesus--we pray for them, and may they pray for us! Wednesday the 8th of February, was an International Day of Prayer & Awareness Against Human Trafficking. And tomorrow, Saturday, the 11th is Our Lady of Lourdes, as well as World Day of the Sick, a day of prayer for all who may be suffering, as well as prayers for those who care for the sick. Coming up on Monday is World Day of Marriage... just in time for Valentine's week!

At Home-- TJ, who is mostly a coffee man, does enjoy sharing a pot of tea with me on the weekends... For Sunday I baked a cinnamon-streusel coffee cake.

Out & About-- We just love our local library! And I have even more reason to be thankful for it, and the services and activities offered there. Our library has a new-ish weekly arrangement called Språkkafe --literally translated, Language Cafe. A casual drop-in program for folks like me--immigrants to Norway who want to improve their practice speaking Norwegian in an informal setting. This week was my first opportunity to attend. We were a fairly big group of about 60 people from many, many different nationalities. We learned the text to a Norwegian pop song and had a sing-along, which was very fun! Then we saw a short Norwegian film. After the sing-song and film, we were split up into groups of 8-10, and we talked about the film and the song over cups of coffee, as well as introduced ourselves and chatted a bit about how we came to Norway, etc. It was wonderful to be among the group, very interesting to hear folks' stories... I look forward to attending again!

On the Menu-- For main meals I've been making Falafel Wraps with Feta-Cucumber Yogurt Dressing, Fish in Thai Curry with Vegetables & Rice, Penne Pasta in Tomato-Vodka Cream Sauce with mixed green salad, Channa Aloo Masala with Basmati Rice, Fish & Chips with Peas... and more... 

Reading-- At the top of the week I shared a bit about my current reading, if you'd like to go back and see.

Listening-- In Our Time, one my favorite radio programs/podcasts from BBC Radio 4!

Watching-- the new, latest series of Call the Midwife--sooo good! We've enjoyed this BBC series for many years now, and it's still going strong!

Creating-- My Joyful Shawl continues to take shape... I'm a bit slow with the project as there is a lot of stitch counting. And I'm learning how to rely on using the chart for the pattern more than the written instructions, as I really want to understand charted patterns better.

Inspiration-- Extra creativity this week was this trio of headscarves I've sewn in pretty, colorful cottons for wearing at church. They wear a bit like a kerchief, the slender ties tie at the nape of the neck. 

VERY much enjoying this site dedicated to creative sewing, clothing tutorials, sewing tips and much more: So Sew Easy

LUNA-- our little love... she's just sooo sweet... *sigh* ...It's been some very happy days all of us together!

How was your week? Wishing you all a LOVE-ly weekend ahead!  :)))


  1. my goodness Tracy, what a fun varied and interesting post! Glad you enjoyed meeting with other people at the library, its nice to learn and have a social at the same time sounds like they got that right! We have english conversation here at our library for migrants to this country and I think they do pretty much the same. its such a good idea. Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like your quite busy of late and I can see the smile on your face almost from here! :)) happy weekend!

  2. LOVE Luna's photo. She looks like she's settling in. Much to love in this post, not the least of which are the services your library has. Great about the classes and workshops. You've been a busy, happy, hygge-type of person this week!

  3. oh!
    I grinned all through this post!
    and especially your meeting so many others that like you are making Norway their home now. how exciting. you already have much in common! and to learn with them will be so much more fun than struggling alone.
    and to end with that beautiful little kitty. she is absolutely beautiful. and now she knows she's yours! and her viking's! you can just tell she's more relaxed now. LOL! xoxo

  4. nice! fun coffee cake! that sounds like a great group at the library, yay!! Luna is so beautiful!! Wishing you a peaceful weekend!!! HUGS!!!

  5. So many important 'celebrations' in your church! Beautiful. Wouldn't it be lovely if this were something worldwide, whether Christian, Moslim, atheist. Everyone. And if not a prayer then lighting a candle or another gesture.
    How wonderful that you have been meeting so many other international people. It seems as if this came just in time for you (:
    Luna looks so cuddly sweet. I can imagine she brings a lot of joy and happiness in your home.
    Happy days for the three of you this weekend too (:

  6. What a fun-filled post Tracy and some delicious recipes! I'm reading The Dig by John Preston, which I'm enjoying enormously. I don't want to put it down, but have to drag myself away and get back to my studies. Enjoy your weekend. Marie x

  7. Thank you, everyone! Life feels very rich with so much just now... every day feels like a celebration! It is wonderful to share. And I'm thankful for you all who share in it here with me. :)))

  8. Love your pretty shawl and dear sweet Luna. What a pretty little cat! x

  9. What a lovely week you had. I love the idea of the gathering at the library to practice your Norwegian. Oh cute Luna! Your meals sound delicious. The projects look wonderful. Take care, dear friend!

  10. Tracy, I am so behind on my reading. The Book writing has taken over my life. Between that and Todd's treatments I am falling behind on lots of things, but I still think of you and am enjoying my visit here this morning and catching up with all that is new. I am reading through your posts and enjoying each one. Luna looks very much at home with you, and I love your head scarves for church. How very pretty. What you are cooking looks fabulously delicious also. Love you! I love seeing you so happy. It cheers my heart to no end, and your shawl, it will be so beautiful xoxo


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