A new look... and spring pinks

**You've come to the right place! It's just looking a little different around here...  During the weekend I was tinkering with the sleek new theme templates Blogger is offering. A bit of this and that to tweak yet, and I'm still working on a few snags. The banner/header especially, as I would like to keep that--Charlie is in it! So we'll see... What do you think of this new look?! **

One day last week I went shopping for a few new items of clothing. Last year, when doing a big spring clean, I also did a BIG cull of my wardrobe, and cut it by half. I've been happier with less, and what I do have I use better and enjoy more. But with Easter coming up soon, and some other occasions, I realized I had a gap in my wardrobe as we transition to spring/summer.

I don't enjoy shopping for clothing very much. I usually find it very frustrating, as most of what goes for ready-to-wear "fashion" in the shops is unappealing or inappropriate for me, my age and my life. And being short/petite, finding x-small sizes is sometimes not easy. I shop online occasionally, but that is not always so enjoyable either, and has it's own challenges. I enjoy sewing clothing, but that can be an expensive hobby. And sadly, my sewing machine is on the blink, and I fear it may need to go to a shop for repair, so I've been sewing nothing for a while now.

Last week's little shopping adventure was one of the very rare, few times when all my clothing requirements were met--simple, modest, feminine, beautiful, fits, and good price. I actually came home with more than what I was in search of, as I snagged a few things on sale. 70% off price is hard to resist!

And it was so nice to see fashions with more feminine styling--softer colors, lace, sheer chiffon, silk. Even finer details like shell buttons. A more delicate cut and fit. Lovely pinks and bright colors for spring. Beautiful Asian-inspired prints and florals.

PINK has always been my color...and I'm craving it a lot these days. I was happy to find some pinks--and purples--for spring and summer days ahead!

What is your special color? Do you ever crave a color?


  1. I do like your new blog look! Good overview. Did you do it on your iPad?
    And such lovely shopping for the warmer days to come. I especially like the soft pink shawl on the right on the first picture. Happy wearing!

  2. Oh Tracy, I like everything you showed! I know what you mean about finding a good shopping haul -- especially when, like me, shopping for clothing doesn't rate high on the list of things you'd rather be doing! The pinks and pretty colors are so springlike!

    I love the new look. It's very clean and easy to read and the pictures look great. I've been thinking about playing with these as well and I'm glad to see one in action!

  3. beautiful!
    both the clothes and the new blog look!
    I always love simple and clean. in everything.
    it's very pure and minimal here now and yet it showcases the pictures.
    love it! xo

  4. Soooo NICE the new look love--thank you! The new Blogger templates have a clean, "website" look, I think. :)

  5. Loving the new look of the blog. Oh I can just imagine those beautiful shades of pink as being perfection for you. How fun! Funny, because I know pink looks good on me, I avoid it because it reminds me of my mother when I wear it. I have alot of black, grey, and blue, with touches of red in my closet.

  6. I'm 100% with you on pink and feminine Tracy!! love the purchases and new blog layout.

    Warm wishes,

    Ann Marie

  7. LOVE LOVE the new look Tracy and the new clothes! Like you I have a problem finding clothes to wear, but for opposite reasons and end up doing most of my clothes shopping online. It's a real pain! My favourite colours are pink and blue! Love you and love seeing Charlie! xoxo

  8. Those clothes are exactly YOU, Tracy!
    I love turquoise and would wear that color every day. I used to crave cobalt blue, but not to wear. I still have a number of cobalt items around the house.

  9. oh yay! It seems that I can comment now with my blog linked etc! hope you had a good week!!! God bless you!!!!

  10. Such a pretty collection, made even better by the discount! Enjoy! Ros x


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