This Week... lots of color

This Week... Thank you for all the good wishes for us here--for feeling better, and celebrating our anniversary! TJ & I were finally able to go out, and we went to a local restaurant run by a Turkish family, serving Turkish-inspired food. I say inspired, as the menu seemed a bit dumbed-down... But our meals were tasty and well prepared... and there was fantastic pita bread and wine! ;) 

In the Roman Catholic Church-- Another great week for celebrations! The Solemnity of Saint Joseph--spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Foster Father of Our Lord & Patron of the Universal Church. (In our church's newsletter there was a lovely article, and image, related to this Feast Day.) Also the Feast Days of Saint Benedict, Gabriel,the Archangel, Saint Catherine of Sweden, and tomorrow is the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord/Feast of the Incarnation

At Home-- As an anniversary gift for TJ --who likes to help in the kitchen-- I purchased these BEAUTIES in olive wood!  A spatula, and a salad set--from SkandWood shop on Etsy. Wooden utensils... so much nicer than plastic!

Out & About-- After taking part in the Language Cafe at the library this week, I did a little bit of shopping. I was really tired afterwards. While I waited for TJ to pick me up, I stopped in at the coffee bar in the shopping center, and treated myself to a caffe macchiato. I don't drink coffee often, but when I do, I prefer something bolder like a caffe macchiato, rather than a latte or cappuccino. Less milk. This was actually the first time I went and had coffee out all by myself... How crazy is that?! 

On the Menu-- A winter-style salad for lunch with mixed greens, apple, walnuts and a sweet & sour chili dressing. I will add some Brie cheese next time. For the past week or two we've been foraging on soups, stews and other freezer-finds. I've been craving lighter meals and greens lately...feeling the need of a detox! 

Reading-- I'm almost finished my reading selections for March, and am down to the last book, The Lifegiving Home

Listening-- Uplifting my days is the online  live-streamed Orthodox music of Ancient Faith Radio from Ancient Faith Ministries, which also offers podcasts, and many other wonderful Christian resources!

Watching-- Not watching very much at the moment. In the evenings we're much preferring reading or listening... or I'm knitting or crocheting while we listen to a program on the radio. We are radio folk!

Creating-- Back at some paint play again. Trying to fit it in this week has been a challenge as I've felt I've been catching up on all sorts after last week. This canvas is still in progress, though... (You're surprised by the orange, right?!... me too!) I realize now, that I won't reach my goal of one canvas per week during Lent, but that's OK... 

More Creativity-- Also taking shape is a new knit shawl/wrap.The yarn may look familiar... I shared about a crochet shawl began some weeks back. Unfortunately, the yarn was the wrong yarn for that particular project, which became frustrating. So I frogged it (ripped it back), re-wound the yarn, and am trying the yarn in this project, using a classic knit feather & fan motif. We'll see how it goes! You can track progress on my Ravelry Projects Page

Inspiration-- Fascinated by the art-clothing/wearable-art-garments created by Mizzie Morawez!

LUNA-- With the arrival of SPRING this week we enjoyed more SUNSHINE... and so did our Luna! Our Lil' Miss Sunshine, she "follows" the sunny spots throughout the house.

** If you didn't get to stop by here earlier this week, I shared about a fun Springtime Mail Exchange project I'm co-hosting along with my lovely friend Marie. Stop by and see if this is something you'd like to join in on along with us! **

How was your week? Wishing you all a LOVE-ly weekend ahead! :)))


  1. What a beautiful post, once again! An amazing blog you link to. I put it on my blog roll. Very insprirational and colorful.
    Going for a coffee on your own, means you really feel well about yourself, I think!
    Enjoy your creativity process, reading, caring and much more that makes you happy.
    A very happy and joyful weekend for the three of you! Lots of love xxx

    1. Thanks, Simone! You know, it's funny thing, but I've just so often be out & about with someone for tea/coffee, meals out... But I really did enjoy going for coffee myself, and I can see doing that again. :)It's that woman's creative blog wonderful---those clothes she crochets & knits... *BIG SWOON*

  2. Oh, Miss Luna has found a grand sun puddle! Sheer perfection!

    I must be hungry because all the foodie things in your post just really grabbed me. The Turkish delights and your fabulous salad. The sweet-and-sour chili dressing intrigues me. It sounds awfully good. And I love your gift for T.J. -- beautiful wooden pieces. And finally, I'm delighted with your canvas. You know, the goal of one per week is nice, but I think I better like the idea of as many done in a way that I really love them, even if it's less than one a week. Then it will be just right!

    Happy week, my friend!

  3. The meal you had at the Turkish restaurant looks splendid. Glad you two were able to venture out after getting over being sick. Luna found a beautiful spot to soak up the sun. And I love all the creative projects you have going.

  4. I love the new look Tracy. I tried it on my food blog and lost my original look, but hey ho, they say a change is as good as a holiday! We shall see! Love seeing Luna in her little patch of sunlight. Such a sweet heart. Love the looks of your salad also, and your canvas. Very nice. I love the touch of red/orange! Its gorgeous! Love that TJ likes to help you in the kitchen and your gift for him is perfect! Olive wood is such a lovely wood. Loving all that you share and I am excited about the new mail project we are doing. Love you very much. xoxo

  5. Wonderful shot of your lovely Luna. She seems a tiny bit less shy in front of the lens.

    It's too bad about the "dumbed down" food, but you clearly had a lovely time and meal together. Many congratulations on your anniversary!

    Perhaps you'll share more about your thinking behind the canvases. I enjoy the rhythm of this blue and orange one.


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