This Week... spring cleaning

**Keep Calm and Spring Clean**

This Week... Spring cleaning began at our house. I have a cleaning to-do list from now until Holy Week. Very much I hope to be finished before Easter festivities. It's too cold to keep windows open, or clean the windows outside, but hopefully if weather permits, the windows may get done too in the weeks ahead!

In the Roman Catholic Church-- Several Saints Feast Days celebrated this week: St. Colette of Corbie, Sts Felicity & Perpetua St. Thomas Aquinas, St. John of God, and today Sctottish martyr St. John Ogilvie.

At Home-- Mornings begin with prayer and reading. Lots of reading for Lent! I realized I have four different things lined up for reading this Lent... which may be a bit too much along with daily scripture reading and keeping a Lent journal. In my enthusiasm, I try to do too much, I think...LOL! So I'm paring back to what feels essential right now, and keeping this for Lent reading. 

Out & About-- At the grocery store we spied this very fun fruit-creation in the shape of a parrot! Its grapes & citrus fruit sampler platter had been scavenged, but the parrot was still standing beautifully...

On the Menu-- Tinkering with different beans and rice recipes for "sacrifice meals" at least once a week during Lent. This week I made a simple but very tasty Red Beans & Rice.

Reading-- Earlier this week I shared what I'm reading as this month of March began.

Listening-- Revisiting an old favorite... Miles Davis' Kind of Blue.

Watching-- Not much watching/viewing this week... more do-ing...

Creating-- For the first week of Lent--a little painting... I'm hoping to create a canvas each week during Lent, inspired by spiritual reading and what's happening in my heart during this season. 

...return to me with all your heart. --Joel 2:12

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me... give me back the joy of your salvation -- Psalm 51:10, 12


Inspiration-- Pastels...and how to use them! We have this lovely set of soft chalk pastels. Paint Draw Blend,which is a creative site with focus on use of Pan Pastels. And Pastel Journal Blog. (So some paint play along side the fiber fun I usually have going...)

LUNA-- Lookie at our funny-monkey! Luna makes us laugh and smile so much--every day! She often plays with her tail. Here she is mid-play one evening. Most of the pics were a fur-blur...LOL!

How was your week? Wishing you all a LOVE-Ly weekend ahead! :)))


  1. spring cleaning? I at least have another 6mths grace before I think about that again! lol! And the lovely Luna oblivious to all that activity in your home, just basks and relaxes! Sounds like a very busy week there! have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Beautiful, how Bible words have inspired you on your painting 'come-back'.
    And sweet little Luna. I can see she makes you laugh and brings you joy and happiness in your home!
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend full of love!

  3. now she is at HOME for sure! kitty love.
    animals to me are 'the perfect love' personified.
    your painting is so beautiful.

    1. Oh, I quite agree, Tammy... there is such a purity, a perfection of love with animals. Or should I say, purr-fection?! ;)

  4. Oh I know "furr blur", sweet Luna. Love the painting so very much. Good luck with the cleaning and reading. For me, I just came down with a cold and I am not happy about that, but I will prevail.

    1. So very sorry you're under the weather, Marilyn! Hope you will feel better very soon. TJ came down with a cold this weekend and is not doing too good. Here we had made it through winter so far without so much as a sniffle between us... Guess it's out turn now... LOL!

  5. It looks like a wonderful way to be right now. I love the parrot and your cooking looks delicious and of course Luna is a gem. But what got me here is the cleaning -- breaking down to every week. I think I could manage that -- a little at a time. Great idea!

  6. I am doing spring cleaning, too! This is because we are anticipating a weekend visit from our PAL and her parents! Gotta have the place clean for a 2yo! Inside of me, I am also thinking about spiritual cleaning as I do this (and some decluttering).
    I may have been too ambitious with my Lent reading too. Trying to narrow and focus a bit more.
    I just put up another England Adventure :)


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