Springtime Mail Exchange... Participants List!

Hellooo everyone! Today I'm very HAPPY to share the list of participants joining in on the Springtime Mail Exchange, which Marie and I are hosting!

And so, without further ado, here are all the lovely ladies (and their locations) who would be glad to receive some FUN mail in their mailbox/post box:

Marie  @ And Then We All Had Tea  (UK)
Simone @ Let There Be Light  (Netherlands)
JeanieThe Marmelade Gypsy  (USA) 
Marilyn @ Delights of the Heart  (USA) 
Sandy @ Aging Disgracefully  (Canada)
Linda  @ https://plus.google.com/107200493924396517747  (USA)
Chy @ Our Little House in the Big Woods  (Canada)
Anna @ Just Like Heaven...Except for the Screaming  (USA)
LeAnn @ Living Waters  (USA)
Tracy  @ Simple Gifts Pictured  (yours truly...from Norway)

AND we have a few joining us, who it seems do not have a blog link or other online account link with which they may be directly contacted.  In this case, I think a solution might be if these ladies could please contact others on the list to initiate acquaintance, and then privately exchange email and street address information. How does that sound? 

Sybil (UK)
Julie H (USA)
Mary (USA)

Suzan from Oz (Australia)

Just to recap how the mail exchange works... Everyone participating is kindly requested to contact at least ONE person on this list to exchange mail with. Reaching out to many is, of course, optional, but at least one person. That way there is a chance of everyone being contacted and receiving something fun in the mail. Do think about reaching out to someone on the list you don't know... Mingle! :)

A card or letter is suggested for exchanging. Postage being what it is these days--rather high--sending a little gift is optional. So we recommend letters or cards at least. Cards with a handwritten message--or even a handwritten letter--that alone is fun!

If you are able to send your cards soon, that would be wonderful, and many would possibly receive them by Easter, which would be a very happy thing! But taking the month of April to reach out to someone, organize (or even make!) a card to send, share, surprise and make new friends sounds good, yes?! So no rush. Let's just enjoy the sending and sharing!

If you have any questions, etc., please contact either myself or Marie. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH to all participating! :)))


  1. What an interesting way of doing this. I hope everyone gets a card or two.

    1. It is fun... and yes, the more cards the merrier! :)

  2. Thanks so much for this Tracy! I hope a lot of the ladies join in and that everyone gets a letter or card! Love you! xoxox
    PS - Posted this today, a day late I know, but yesterday got away from me!

    1. No, worries, Marie... it's all good, as the saying goes... LOL! ;)

  3. Hello Tracy..could you emaiil your address to me please?

  4. Hi Tracy, I am excited to do this. Could you email me your address at templetop@msn.com. I sent an email to you but not sure if it was the right one.
    Here is my address:
    LeAnn Williams
    11422 S. Charter Pointe Rd.
    South Jordan, Utah 84095


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