This Week... Easter JOY and holiday extras

This Week... Oh, the JOY of Easter morn! ! To walk in to church, the altar decked in white and shimmering gold, the great golden Paschal candle lit, the scent of fresh sing the first notes of the Gloria, after it being away from our lips during Lent... The JOY of Christ Risen!  The healing power of His love...and recognizing His love and aliveness in me! So BIG... so much  love... It is very humbling.

I'm still basking in the glow of Easter JOY. And I've taken some time this Easter Week to pray with how I can better carry this bright joy of Easter all year round. Easter is a season. It doesn't stop with the Resurrection of Easter Sunday. Easter is the most important and holy date of the Christian calendar. But the Easter story continues... And the grace, joy and thanksgiving extends for fifty days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday--a season of new life in Spirit!

This week I have needed a few days for rest, reflection and quiet after the happiness and busy of Holy Week and celebrating of Easter. So... I'm a bit slow in sharing, but here is a sampler from recent days...

After Good Friday I readied our home, and home altar too, changing the cloth for celebrating Easter. I couldn't find the white cloth we've used before, so laid one with a gold print. TJ gave me a Paschal candle as a gift! And I was just in time finishing making a nicer display for the Icon prints we have. I painted and embellished a small canvas with color, gold and crackling mediums to try and achieve an antiqued-look, and then mounted the prints on the decorative canvas. I'm very happy with how it turned out, and how it looks on the altar!

We don't have a lot of decorations, linens and things for spring, so the dining room table was simply dressed. The weather during Easter was cold, often grey and wintry. Not much springtime feeling in the air... or light, which made for so-so pictures.

I experimented with some natural dying of eggs for Easter, using coffee and red beets. The process was a lot of fun, and I look forward to trying some other natural dyes again! Eggs featured a lot during the holiday.  I baked a Quiche Lorraine too, which was delicious for breakfasts over the long weekend.

On Holy Thursday I baked Hot Cross Buns. The icing was too runny, and I didn't have enough icing sugar, so I tried to "save" the crosses with colored sprinkles! What they lacked in appearance, the buns made up for in great flavor!

For the first time I made Cheese Pascha! Mine is a much simplified version of the classic Eastern European festive food for Easter. If you've not eaten this before, it is a sweet fresh cheese. This one I made tasted a bit like cheesecake, I think. I served it Easter Sunday as part of a pair of small platters with healthy appetizers before the main meal.

We had TJ's parents over for our feast Easter Sunday, and we were very glad to have them with us. I kept the meal very easy this year--a Shepherd's Pie, a salad of mixed greens, and a Lemon-Blueberry Loaf Cake for dessert with tea and coffee.

Luna was very happy during Easter--observing all the preparations, comings & goings between naps. At the tail end of the holiday, there was much napping and relaxing for all three of us here. TJ & I had fun playing some board games. Scrabble is a favorite, and we mix Norwegian and English languages, which makes for exciting play! And I had time to work on my Raspberry Moon Shawlette too!

How was your week? Wishing you all LOVE-ly weekend now! ;) 


  1. Tracey have you tried beetroots to dye eggs too? I used to use them and onion skins to make different egg colours, quite effective. I've never tried coffee, so will try that poss next year. your blog is a veritable smorgasbord of goodies these days! Glad you had such a lovely Easter. What do you do for Pentecost?

    1. Thanks EverydayThings! Yes, I did do some egg dying with red beetroot... The very lightest colored eggs in the photo were the ones I tried with red beetroot. They turned out a teeny, tiny bit pink. My beetroot solution was too weak, as I only had a couple small beetroot to work with and it gave a very pale yield. I look forward to trying this more... and maybe natural fabric/fiber dying!!

      We don't have a lot of ritual around Pentecost here at home. The highlight is going to Mass, of course, but I'll probably have a festive meal for us to sort of mark the end of the Easter season. :)

  2. Oh Tracy, it sounds like a perfect Easter. Simple and lovely. I love your pretty eggs. (Patty Szymcowicz -- Magpie's Tales, see my blog roll) used red cabbage and got quite a deep blue, too. So many options. I love brown eggs. There is something so at-home about them. Next year I must try some natural dyes. I like the coffee.

    And your icons look great and so does your table and all that scrumptious food! Simple, as you said, but so tasty looking with those buns and cheese and quiche and that good cake! Happy to Easter with you any time! It looks just wonderful and I'm so glad it was a lovely day!

    Oh, your Scrabble adventures remind me of when we were teaching our Japanese friends to play Scrabble. Rick (being the jokester he is) started making up words and definitions with weird letters! We couldn't keep it up for long -- they were too nice to fool indefinitely and fortunately they had a wonderful sense of humor and got loads of laughter out of it!

    1. Oh, THANK YOU, Jeanie! :) We ate good at Easter, that's for sure... LOL! So funny about your Rick and his teaching them Scrabble... poor folks, I bet they were confused for a while! But good there was a lot of laughs too!;)

  3. i so dearly love the simplicity and beauty in everything you do.
    it looks elegant and meaningful and that can only be what truly enhances the celebration of it all. and it looks delicious as well!
    and tiny luna. all curled up and cozy in her chair there. she looks very small to me!
    i love how you put a picture of her into every post. thank you!

    1. Thank you so much, dear Tammy... you always share the swetest thoughts! I'm so glad you find much here to enjoy. :) Our Luna is tiny, much smaller than our Charlie who was quite a big boy, long too!

  4. So good to hear that you have had such a lovely Easter celebration both at home and in the kitchen and at church, too. I thought your sprinkles solution genius! All your thoughtful touches add to the depth of your heartfelt celebration with TJ and his family. Give Luna a kiss from me.

  5. Wow, I loved your celebration and your Easter Menu. Your photos of the foods looked so yummy. I liked learning about the Pentecost celebration coming up. I love that part of the New Testament but unfamiliar with your faiths celebration of it. Our celebration was going to our Easter service with of our sons family that traveled here for the Easter Weekend. We had a wonderful dinner and a great time with the grandkids.
    The Savior's resurrection is the most important moment in our world's history. I look forward to His second coming. I take great joy in my testimony and love and knowledge that I know that my Redeemer lives.
    Your cat is adorable and I love your Shawlette; it's beautiful.
    Sending loving thoughts your way! Blessings in Christ~


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