This Week... a touch of spring... and reindeer!

This Week... Spring is slow to unfold here. It usually is, I think, but it feels extra slow this year. It's been cold lately. But touches of spring are surprising us here and there! (Image is from our town's main street/high street.) 

In the Roman Catholic Church-- Sunday was the wonderful celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday, and during the week was the Feast Days of Saint Mark, the Evangelist, Saint Paul of the Cross and tomorrow Saint Catherine of Siena is celebrated.

Above is a lovely prayer card I have, with the Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer on the back of it. O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in You!

At Home-- After being kept very tidy during Holy Week and Easter, the work table is getting messy in the living room-studio again! I'm working on further preparations on a new canvas...and soon I can paint!

Out & About-- BEAUTIFUL items displayed in the window of a shop in town that has partial focus on redesign! (I'll take both the dress and the cape, thanks! ;) 

On the Menu-- These days we are turning toward more vegetarian options during the week, and saving meat for the weekend as a treat. It's healthier. I lived vegetarian for 12 years, so this feels very natural! ;) Lots of good things on the plate... Bean & Vegetable Enchiladas (above), Balsamic Beets & Carrots with White Beans & Feta Cheese, Vegetable Low Mein, Baked Sweet Potatoes with Lentil Chili... and more...

Thankful-- Some LOVELY cards, notes and goodies have been arriving in our postbox for for me, thanks to the fun of the Springtime Mail Exchange! Two came this week, including the WONDERFUL watercolor painting my sweet friend Jeanie made for us of our Luna!! :))) (THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, Jeanie--we love this!

Reading-- I'm dipping into the beginning material for an online course I'm taking via edX...  Books in the Medieval Liturgy.  The welcome info/course description reads: Welcome to Books in the Medieval Liturgy! In this module of "The Book: Histories Across Time and Space," we will explore and explain the beautiful service books of the medieval church. No knowledge of liturgy or Latin is required, but there will be a lot of both, along with music. I'm excited about this! (Image above--from Google Images-- is of a beautiful piece of illuminated manuscript detailing a portion of the Bible containing the Magnificat, sometimes known as The Song of Mary, from the Gospel of Luke 1: 46-55.)

Watching-- This week we've been watching the reindeer migration... It's part of that Slow TV concept we have here, and that maybe you've heard about?  We don't have a TV, haven't for many years, so we've been able to watch it streamed online on a laptop. Yup, us crazy Norwegians have done it again with the Slow TV--this time with Santa's little helpers--reindeer! ;) Almost a whole week of non-stop reindeer migration, all broadcast live! The reindeer are such BEAUTIFUL creatures... It really touches the heart, seeing them in a pack, all together, migrating. The migration happens twice a year, the native Norwegian Sami people moving their herds of reindeer between their winter and summer grazing pastures. The reindeer migration takes almost a week, and a TV-team follows the flock and its herders almost non-stop. (I'm thinking for my own little dream zoo I'd like some reindeer... to go along with the alpacas--cute creatures, and great to have for their fiber for yarn projects--a pair of miniature ponies, a snowy owl or two, a hedgehog, a dolphin, a dog maybe... and, of course, extra kitties!

LUNA-- Oh, this girl of ours... I'm almost speechless... *sigh* ... 

How was your week? Wishing you all a LOVE-ly weekend now! :)))


  1. Thanks for the beauty of your home and words Tracy! I don't naturally gravitate to cats but Luna is a beauty.No cats possible here alas,I have a Jack Russell terrier,Frank.
    Happy Easter and warm wishes,
    Ann Marie

    1. Jack Russell terriers are sweet dogs! I'd venture to say you have enough going on with just having him, Ann Marie! Sometimes cats & dogs don't mix. ;)

  2. I just lapped up all your news from the week, the books, the food! I think the variety of topics is wonderful! unfortunately no cats here either as we have a whissel breed dog called Marchie. ( whissel is a cross between a whippet and a jack russel) Hope you share with us your latest crafts and especially the painting!!

    1. Thank you, Everydaythings... so glad you find much to enjoy here! My creative projects are slow cookers at the moment, but they will get here in picture soon! Oh, wow... A whissel??!! I'd not heard for this dog-cross before... so I had to Google--how CUTE are those!!?? :)))

  3. I've been reading about the reindeer migration on TV in "The Almost Nearly Perfect People!" I think it sounds kind of relaxing.

    Love all your projects. The manuscript class sounds fascinating. The photo reminded me of some of the things in Cluny (yet another reason to get to Paris, my favorite museum). And I really loved seeing a photo of your town. I'd love to see more!

    Is that your apron, the blue with roses? So pretty! Can't wait to see your canvas!

    1. The reindeer migration is fascinating, educational, and, yes, it is pretty relaxing to watch as well! We've been watching in the evenings after dinner tunil nearly bed time, we watch will reading, or me crocheting... it's hard to keep track of and watch all day, though... LOL! I will try to get some towm photos soon--when we get some prettier warmer days, it will be nicer to go out & about with the camera. Yes, that is my apron slung over the chair. It's my newer art apron--not too messed up, yet... ;)

  4. if I didn't know better I think she knows she's in every post
    and now she enjoys posing for it! little star luna!
    beautiful here as always. from beginning to end. xo♥

    1. Thank you, Tammy... so sweet! :) And, yes, I Luna is getting very used to having her photo taken!

  5. We just had a snow storm and lots of rain this week and I am so ready for Spring. The weather news is saying by next weekend we will have tempertures in the 80's. I'm looking forward to a few days of warmth.
    I do love to hear more about your beliefs and especially the links the Feast days of Saints. I will take a moment to learn more about these. I like that you made a prayer card. I looked at the link. I have always loved the Lord's Prayer. I memorized it as a young girl and still say it once in a while. It is a lovely model for saying our own prayers.
    I like the dress and cape in the window.
    Your food thoughts sound yummy.
    The mail exchange has been fun and I am happy I participated.
    I love to read and I see you do too. I enjoyed reading about you watching on your laptop the Reindeer Migations and your thoughts on a dream Zoo. You had some unique animals in yours.
    Love the photo of your cute cat. We have a dog and love him so much. They are like our children.
    Blessings and hugs~

  6. Sweet Luna! The enchiladas look wonderful. I watch more on my computer than I do on TV. My husband has control of the TV most often. Lovely cards, how special that Jeanie painted Luna. Loved seeing your downtown too.


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