One Fine Spring Day

Spring visited us this past weekend, and we were very glad to welcome her back! For many days it's still felt wintry here. And though it wasn't very warm yesterday, Sunday, we took a long walk around our town and enjoyed the touches of spring that have been gracing us already... (WARNING: LOTS of photos ahead!)

Beautiful reflections down by the canal... 

By the canal we took a break during our walk... Behind TJ is a skateboard park. 

Our town, Horten, is a seaside town. This is the KNM Narvik, built at the Horten Wharf in 1964--a torpedo ship that was used to patrol and protect Norway during the Cold War era. It is docked here now permanently, with plans to be opened as a museum-ship. 

In the heart of Horten is a pretty park, Lystlunden... (yours truly taking a break while TJ mans the camera for a moment...)

In Lystlunden Park is a pond... The little house is a bird house, basically for any feathered friends who need shelter. The cute pine tree on their "property" still has its Christmas hanging, if you look closely! haha...

A cake and coffee break in town to refuel for the walk back home. (The cake is cheesecake topped with a mandarin & orange jelly topping.) Here we stopped in at a popular cafe, Stallen--which means stable, the place being a converted stable. I love the ceiling in this cafe with its exposed beans... and BIG chandeliers (photo below)!

Alt for Norge... All for Norway. Outside our local movie theater/cinema is a monument to fallen veterans from WW II.

Exterior of one of our larger shopping centers here in Horten, TorggÄrden, with interesting use of materials--wood, metal, glass...

Suddenly there's blossoms (almost) everywhere!

Window shopping at TJ's favorite store here... Plekter--The Pick--guitar shop, which has a big focus on vintage guitars and gear! 

Dandy Room Vintage secondhand shop located in the main street/high street... I like the door sign: All Dogs Are Welcome. Friendly People Too. :))) Though it says closed Mondays, they didn't seem to be open yesterday, Sunday, either... 

Want to see more of Horten?! The graffiti on this wall downtown ties in with a campaign to promote Horten as a good place to live, work, study and play. Here's a video you can watch--and in English too--it's a little over five minutes long. It's a beautiful video! Click this link: HortenLove

Oh, and on the walk home, we spotted a dachshund among the clouds...

P.S. this post is dedicated to my sweet friend Jeanie, who asked to see more of Horten... :) 


  1. simply beautiful, the touches of spring, the weather which is looking definately spring like, the spring blooms and all of your photos, what a visual treat. off to watch the Horten vid now!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this picture-post today... and hope you had a chance to see the video too! :)

  2. ohmygoodness darling girl of the north!!!
    thank you for this wonderful post and the video.
    what a beautiful city you and your viking live in.
    i would love it!
    it's bigger than i thought. but not too big at all.
    it's simply gorgeous.
    and getting to see glimpses of you and the viking... magical! XO♥
    i love the hint of auburn in your hair... and the blue of that scarf ...
    which i imagine you knitted! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Tammy--you are so sweet! It was fun to put together this post, and to share the video. We like Horten a lot--not too big, not too small. And it has just about everything you need. We are close to the sea/the Oslo fjord--it's a pretty place. We have it pretty good here! :) Yes, the aqua blue cowl I did knit, and you can see it here on this post from back in March: It is light, but warm and cozy! The hair... yes, have been playing with a color that has a bit more auburn/red in it. The brown colors just don't look so nice on my anymore... blah... LOL! ;)

  3. I love love love this, Tracy! Happy May Day to you. That is the first photo I've ever seen of TJ :) And wow, I love the video of Horten. I had NO idea there was that much aerospace in Horten.
    I am in the midwest right now--just a state away from yours, and it is cold, damp and windy today. But that isn't going to keep me inside. I have a doggy hike and lunch date.

    1. Hi, and thanks, Willow! There is a little joke that we've got a mini Silicon Valley here, what with all the different kinds of technology being developed and used here for so many sectors--it's pretty fascinating! I've shared a couple of pics of TJ when I had my other, older blog, A Life of Joy... but it's a while in general. TJ doesn't like having his picture taken or flashed around too much... which I don't understand at all, because he is sooo CUTE!! ;) I think I know where you are... and I hope you're having a TERRIFIC time! Blow an air-kiss PA way for me, if you think of it... :)))

  4. Thank you, Tracy! I've long wanted to see more of where you lived. After all this time of sharing posts and mail and such, it's a delight to see where you make your home. I had no idea Horten was a sea town. The ship/museum will be wonderful. And I love the different architecture. I like a "Mama Bear" town -- JUST RIGHT!

    Love the photos of you and TJ. Rick would like the guitar store, too, if they have classical ones there and I'd be into the secondhand shop! How convenient! The cafe, the flowers, the parks -- all lovely. Now I'm off to take a look at the video! Thank you!

    1. So glad you enjoyed, Jeanie... and just in time for some delight as your recover from your surgery. :) It was fun to put this together, and I realized it's been looong time since sharing a bit from here. I live here, and am kind of used to it, but I forget that maybe some might think it's "exotic" that I live here in Norway... LOL! You and Rick would like it over here a lot, I think! Horten is small, but we have a lot of good things to show and share. The guitar store is mostly electric guitar with some acoustic...not too much in the way of classical guitars, but Rick might enjoy all the same as it's a fun place for the musically-gifted! Let us know when you've booked the flight...we'd love to host you! :))) Hope you'll be feeling better soon! ((HUGS))

  5. Thank you for the tour around Horten! Such a lovely place to see! Spring is having a hard time to warm up our days. It’s still really chilly here. I hope for better temperatures soon, we all need a bit of sunshine too! Loved to see the pictures of Luna in your previous posts. Such a cutie!

  6. Love, love seeing more of where you list. I enjoyed the Horton video too. I would say from the reflection that you are quite short compared to TJ. I didn't know you had red hair, is that new? Smiling! Thanks for the tour of Horton.

  7. Loved your taste of Spring (it visited us this week also), but especially loved visiting Horten with you! Thank you so much! God willing we will see it in person one day! Love you! Xoxo


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