This Week... springtime happy

This Week... a lot of bright and happy things!

In the Roman Catholic Church-- The month of May is dedicated to the celebration of and prayers to The Blessed Virgin Mary! And this week, the Third Week of Easter, the Feast Days of Saints Peregrine Laziosi, Saint Joseph the Worker, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary (in America), and Sts. Philip and James.

At Home-- A small thing, but a good thing--some better yarn organization! Skeins grouped together according to current and/or future projects. Pink, purple, aqua blue, grey...  hhhmmm... You've seen these colors before here, haven't you?! ;) 

Out & About-- Earlier this week I shared a photo-post about where we live. (In case you missed the post, you'll find it here.) Somehow, I forgot to include this nice photo of the Sjømilitære Samfund, which is now a historic hotel, but was once an important place for gathering for the navy here. Everything from meetings on military and technical matters to parties and casual entertainment. (If you come visit us in Horten, you could stay there! :)

On the Menu-- Trout, Tagliatelle Pasta & Spinach with a Creamy Blue Cheese Sauce, Spicy Black Bean Burgers with Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Italian Tofu Stuffed Red Peppers with Mixed Green Salad, Very Veggie & Bean Soup with Pesto Bread... among other things.

Thankful-- For the refreshment of afternoon tea...

Happy-- Sunday mornings are the happiest highlight of the week! Getting ready for church, and I'm liking the new lace headscarf/covering that I made. (It's great having mirrored closet/cupboard doors. Whoops... Bed was made and room tidied up later. Honest, it was!)

In the Garden-- This year our Grape Hyacinths (Muscari) have exploded in big, thick patches in all the flower beds. I'm VERY fond of this little flower, as I had some in my wedding bouquet. :) We have been greatly blessed with some real springtime weather and sunshine here this week--BLISS!

Listening-- Discovering the music of American composer Ned Rorem, who, as it turns out, has Norwegian heritage! The Three Piano Sonatas, Piano Concerto No. 2/Cello Concerto, Three Symphonies, Winter Pages/Bright Music... he is a very prolific composer, as well as a writer/diarist.

Reading-- I'm still in the beginning stages/material of the online course Books in the Mediveal Liturgy, which I began last week, and will be focusing on during this month of May.

Watching-- Poldark... we've just finished watching series 2 of this great British drama! Terrific cast, wonderful attention to period details, amazing views of Cornwall... Just all in all, well done.  And VERY intense too! Almost too intense for sensitive me! LOL... but can't wait for series 3!

Creating-- Yesterday I finally finished my Raspberry Moon Shawlette!! I'm having some difficulty lately linking to my Ravelry Projects Page, so in a fit of indulgence I'm posting two photos of this project here today! (See extra one at the top.) My first self-drafted shawl pattern. The finished piece came out with a more ruffled effect than I was intending... but I was curious to see what would happen, so I kept going. I began to run out of yarn sooner than I imagined too, but was able to buy the last skein in same dye lot from the yarn store...whew! Since the "wingspan" is not very wide, it only drapes and wraps so far. But it can be pulled up and wrapped a bit like a jumbo scarf. So there are a couple of ways to wear it. Though it didn’t turn out exactly as I initially envisioned, and yarn limitations meant some tweaking and modifying… I’m pretty happy with this finish! (I’d like to find a nice shawl pin now, I think! ;) 

Inspiration-- Daily I very much enjoy reading The Morning Offering written by Abbot Tryphon, which offers so much inspiration for the heart. During this Easter Season, the Rt. Rev. Father Tryphon has written some very beautiful pieces. This one, The Knowledge of God, was especially interesting, exploring the limitations of human reason and the knowledge of God. 

LUNA-- With so much else this week, only the one little pic of our girl... but we'll take it! ;) 

How was your week? Wishing you all a LOVE-ly weekend now! :)))


  1. I adore this long, newsy post, Tracy! Your shawlette is beautiful and I'd gladly come dine on that trout dish any time you invite me! (Happy to stay at that beautiful hotel, too!) I admire your organizing. My attempts this week are slower than I planned. I bought a small bulb garden of muscari that will go in the ground when it has spent its bulb garden time here. I love them -- so pretty. So, do they propogate themselves? I'd love that!

    So much to love here! Have a beautiful weekend and week!

    1. Com' on over, Jeanie! We would LOVE to have you & Rick come for dinner--any time! :))) Blue cheese is a surprisingly delicious companion alongside trout or salmon, and just very good over pasta. Yes, the muscari do re-seed themselves. Of course the more you have to start with, the better chances of greater "shows" the following year. Just let them come into flower, go off, and then wait a while. The seed-heads will develop, and then, when they're ready, you can kind of help them along by knocking the heads. And there's likely to be more in the same area next year. You can gather some of them to place elsewhere. They don't last forever, though, like most bulb plants, you have to sort of get new plants every few years or so. But aren't the spring bulbs some of the sweetest?!

  2. luna looks so little! i'm thinking she's just a wee kitty and always will be... only
    with a big and happy heart!
    and she's saying... enough with the pictures mom... how about a TREAT?
    your own picture was a surprise and always so welcome!
    i love that lacy snood you're wearing. at least that's what I think they used to be called.
    it's so pretty!
    and the muscari are beautiful! we're having a lovely spring here too. and so far NO tornadoes!!! xo♥

    1. Our Luna is a little girl. At two years old, she is considered an adult cat, and so she's grown her full size. She may be an adult technically, but she's our baby. ;) So glad you're having some good days there too, Tammy...and VERY glad there's been no tornadoes!

  3. Luna is so sweet Tracy! Loved reading all that you have shared in this very newsy post. Love learning new things about your faith and how you apply it to your life, your yarn ( hair covering/snood and shawl. Tres belle!) what a great way to organise your colours, according to project, and your reading material and of course the food! You sound so very happy and that makes me happy! Sending you, TJ and Luna lots of love, hugs and blessings! 😘 xo

  4. how lovely! I know a lot of people enjoy Abbot T's work! I have read some and like it too! so glad you have such good food to eat! the head scarf is so pretty! what nice Catholic Saints too! I love your latest knit (or was it crochet?) creation! so beautiful!!!! would love to see you model it! :) Sending a big HUG your way!!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Elizabeth... and for the HUG too! :) Yes, the shawl is crochet... and I'm hoping to get an extra of me wearing it. Maybe even modeling outdoors, now that the weather is finally springtime here!

  5. What a lovely post, Tracy! So much to read and see. Never heard of the series and Abbot Tryphon. Will look into that more closely. And what a very nice picture of you and of course Luna.
    Wishing you a lovely week xox

  6. What a lovely collection! The little shawl is very pretty. Have a fun week! Rosa

  7. My dear new friend! I really enjoyed this post. As always, I like that you write about your faith. I am enjoying learning a bit more about the Roman Catholic Church. I love the Mother of our beloved Savior. So faithful, loving and courageous.
    I love the photo of the historic hotel; it looks like a great one to stay in. Perhaps, some time I will get a trip there.
    Your menu sounds so yummy! I would love to come and eat at your home.
    You truely are a beautiful woman and your lace headscraf is lovely.
    I enjoy the same kind of music that you do; thanks for the links.
    Your shawlette is beautiful; I love the colors.
    I started to watch that series show but haven't been able to follow it since we have been on our mission.
    Springtime is here and I loved your flowers. Your sweet Luna is so cute.
    I truly love following your awesome blog. Thanks you for your awesome comments on mine.
    Sending loving thoughts your way and big hugs!
    Have a sweet week and know that we are

  8. A lovely week. What fun to see the shawl and Luna. The food looks delicious! I need to have a tea break like that one. And the grape hyacinths are beautiful. We had many of them in our garden a few weeks ago and always a delight.


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