Garden Update... june

Just a little wander around here as things grow... Our pink peonies have been lovely this year, as always.

The side terrace... Needs some weeding and de-moss-ing between those stones! :/ 

The raised beds are doing VERY well! Herbs a-plenty. And it's great to pop out and clip some herbs while making dinner, as they are near our front door. The chives (left, front) are looking a bit droopy as they are a newer transplant.  Chives, dill, parsley, rosemary and thyme here...

In the larger raised bed, carrots, fennel and red beets are coming along nicely... Oh, the "creamy white bits" that you see in the beds? Those are crushed fresh garlic cloves. As we had some wet weather off & on until lately, we've had a problem with slugs invading the garden--and the raised beds too. :( YUCK!  The garlic is helping to keep the slugs away now.

Salads are bursting from the salad bed... and have been good eating! A couple of herbs tucked in this bed too--basil and lovage.

Soon we'll have radishes ready for picking! And we've been using the lavender, lemon balm, mint, and sage from the pots on the patio. This pale pink geranium is the BEST we've ever had, and I'm hoping to winter it over in the house when the cold season comes. 

LOTS of lavender in bloom... and the pink bleeding heart bush is hanging on to its last blooms...

Nothing so delicious as goodies picked from the garden! **Just a note: I use only the lavender flowers in cooking/baking--I've seen them called lavender buds sometimes in recipes. Don't use the leaves or stems--they are much too harsh.**

No, not a ghost of our Charlie, sorry... This cutie belongs to one of our neighbors, He spends a LOT of time here in our garden--often found snoozing in one of our flower beds. He loved our Charlie, and they were pals. He knows we're always ready to give cuddles. ;) We call him Ginger... He makes for a sweet gardening companion.

Here's to kitties and garden delights... What's blooming where you are?!


  1. beautiful! and it DOSE SEEM like little Charlie's ghost! I like to think it is!
    I love the moss between the stones! I am an anglophile and theirs always has the moss in between the stones. I would just leave it. it gives such character! a sense of age.
    AND ... it saves your back taking it out! unless you use poison chemicals to do it.
    but then that's a whole other problematic health issue I would imagine!

    1. Well, I don't mind the moss so much in between the stones... but don't like the grass and pure weeds that are coming up between them. :/ It does break the back taking are of it sometimes. We don't use chemicals, and never will. We had our Charlie outside, and we have a lot of neighborhood cats come around... so no, no chemicals or potential harm. We try natural weed control like a spray of water & vinegar...but it only does so much. It's an especially abundant green year here... LOL!

  2. Hi Tracy, Your garden looks so wonderful! I love the raised beds! How do you use the lavender in cooking?
    What's growing in my garden? Lots and lots of lettuce, some broccoli, green peppers and tomatoes along with the herbs. My fave so far has been the calendula.

    1. Thank you, Willow! I like to use lavender in baked goods mostly. It can be added to cookies/biscuits, biscotti, pound cake, etc. Lavender sugar is fun and easy to make--good to add to recipes, or sprinkle on a cake to decorate, etc. It is also sometimes found in some spice blends, like Herbs de Provence. I want to make own blend of this this summer. I like lavender in things like shortbread cookies. Also a lavender-lemon biscotti is fun! And you can go savory too--adding it to a spice blend for chicken or potatoes. You can do quite a lot with lavender!

      I lately came across this link to recipes using lavender in fun ways... I wan to try some this summer! I want to try the Pink Lemonade Lavender Thyme Sorbet!

  3. It looks fabulous! I never knew about the garlic and the slugs. Thanks for the tip. And what are you using the geranium and lavender for? Your terrace stone pattern is really lovely. (And I like the moss... really, I do!)

    Rick's radishes are really hot ones and big enough to eat now. I have lettuce, grape tomatoes and loads of herbs -- tarragon, oregano, dill, basil, thyme, catnip, cilantro, parsley and lemon balm (which is like a parasite -- it overtakes everything) and mint in back. In the flower department, day lilies and sweet peas and a hostas. My hydrangea bush (new) is hanging in there. Fingers crossed! Oh, Tracy! You are going to eat very well!

    1. Thanks, Jeanie! Well, the geranuim is for pure visual delight! Scented geraniums can be eaten--the flowers, not the stems/leaves though. Our pink geranium is non-scented, so non-edible. (Geranium essential oils used for aromatherapy healing and such, so there are some uses for them.) For lavender, I dry it to use in some baking mostly. Lavender sugar is a nice addition to the pantry and adds a floral note to baking or things like lemonade. Culinary lavender is not easy to come by here--have to order it online, or grow your own. I like growing my own. :) Back home there, you can sometimes find it at farmer's markets. I put aside a little lavender for the kitchen, but most goes toward using it for scented sachets. And I put a bundle or two of lavender in the cupboard where I store my yarn in--helps keep bugs and critters out!

      You have sooo MUCH GOODIES growing at your place...YUM! You are right, lemon balm likes to bolt like mint. I grow my mint and lemon balm each in their own pot so they play nicely by themselves and not invade anything...LOL! So many pretties you have too... I want to do sweet peas next year, too. :)))

  4. I did not know that garlic helped with slugs Tracy! I am going to do that! I know slugs must have a purpose but darned if I can find one! Lol your raised beds look just lovely! But everything you do is lovely. I must get out and pick done of my lavender before it is too late. I ADORE lavender! Our roses are going crazy at the moment, and our hydrangea is all in bud! I love this time of year! Live to you, TJ and Luna xoxo

  5. finally catching up here! :) lovely garden!!! so wonderful about the lavender!!! fun about your visiting cat! :) hope you are having a good week!!! sending some love to you!

    1. Hi, Elizabeth...and thank you! It's sooo good to see you here. Hope ypu are doing better these days! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your raised gardens and flowers. It all looks so lovely. I can tell you are an awesome cook as you utilize the herbs and other veggies. Due to our missionary endeavors we have only a few patio plants. This year we only doing some varieties of tomatoes, peppers.
    We have had gardens in the past that we enjoyed doing what you are doing. It's fun to go out and clip off some lettuce for the evening meal.
    You are an inspiration so maybe next year we will do more herbs and etc.
    I didn't know that garlic helps keep a way the slugs. We will try that next time we have a problem.
    Your photos of it all were awesome.
    Blessings and hugs~

  7. What a treat to see the peony blooms and the garden! And the visiting neighbor's cat too:). Raspberries are in season here and I bought some at the local farmer's market. Beautiful time of year to eat healthy!

  8. Kitties and gardening are both so special. I love your garden so, so much! This is how I would garden, but my "live-in gardener" is more of a rescuer of plants and haphazard arrangements. So I must learn to love a bit of wildness to the garden.


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