This Week... full of happy things

This Week... and In the Roman Catholic Church-- Wednesday was a special day, the Feast Day of The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Saint Elizabeth. And coming up on Sunday is the great Holy Day of Pentecost, which commemorates the gift of the Holy Spirit, and marks the end of the Easter season. The Holy Spirit is often represented as a dove in art, and I think this detail of a dove from one of my paintings (above) a couple years back ties in nicely with the celebration now! 

At Home... and In the Garden-- LOTS of green things growing... radishes sprouting! It's been some very exciting days lately with seedlings spiraling up. Lovely with so many fresh herbs for cooking, baking and tisanes.

Out & About-- While in town, I noticed some colorful bunting strung between two buildings (one a shopping center, on the right)... Not sure what this is leftover from, but it's very fun! 

On the Menu-- Asparagus! We've been enjoying the short but delicious season of asparagus. I made a risotto with shrimp, asparagus and dill. We'll be having this again soon! I almost always start a risotto using Jamie Oliver's very good, basic Risotto Bianco recipe, and then add other goodies. 

Thankful-- We received these GORGEOUS white-lavender roses from TJ's sister and her boyfriend as a thank you gift to us for looking after their cat while they were away. What a sweet surprise! It's wonderful having flowers in the house...

Happy-- Some happy mail!  I received a VERY generous gift of several selections of tea and pretty cards--including one she painted--from my very kind friend Elizabeth. She also sent this stunningly beautiful small icon! THANK YOU so much, Elizbeth!! :)))

Also in the mail... The dark indigo/denim blue chambray fabric I ordered arrived... and I have plans for sewing a summer skirt with it!

Reading-- Still reading Amish fiction goodies... Anna's Crossing by Suzanne Woods Fisher, and then will dive into it's follow-up, The Newcomer.

Listening-- J. S. Bach has been my companion this week, as I listen to his French Suites, BWV 812-817, and Six Keyboard Partitas. *sigh*... so beautiful!!

Watching-- We are still very much enjoying documentaries of various kinds via YouTube. This week we watched a BBC program hosted by Michael Palin and his travel to Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania USA (my home state!) to explore the life and work of American painter Andrew Wyeth. We love the artworks of Andrew Wyeth, so this was special to see! Here is the YouTube link for the Wyeth documentary

Creating-- My Harvest Song Granny Stripe Poncho is still in progress, but halfway to done...

...and... I've not had much painting to share, as things have been going slow in that department. I'm needing some supplies refreshed. And this aqua blue paint that I use a LOT, I'm having trouble getting more of, and needing to look further afield for it... or something similar. It's sort of my color. ;) 

LUNA-- "hhhmmm," she says... "Does my tail smell good?!? Just checking... " haha... ;)

Whew... I think that's all for this week here. How was your week? Wishing you all a LOVE-ly weekend now! :)))


  1. LOVE LUNA! She's so darned pretty and looks well settled in! Tracy, I love posts like this where you share all the joys of your week. And it's hard to know which I love most (besides Luna!). Beautiful art, your garden looking good, productive crocheting. I think that risotto will definitely be on my must-make list. And soon, if I'm to use good asparagus! I can see this has been a wonderful week indeed! (If you know of other companies here that have your color, glad to send it to you but I haven't seen that brand around here and suspect it's Norwegian.)

  2. PS -- thanks for the Michael Palin link. Hoping to watch that sooner rather than later. Always loved his work. (If this comment is a duplicate, delete it -- my computer internet crashed just as I was posting and I'm not sure I made it!)

    1. Hi, Jeanie! Luna is doing sooo well! It's amazing how she's transformed from that super-shy little miss we brought home, to see her blooming into her full character. She's can be shy occasionally still (mostly with "strangers"), but she so funny...keeps us smiling and laughing all the time! :) Thanks for you sweet comments here, I'm glad you enjoyed today's post. Here I was thinking, when I got started writing, that not a lot happened this week, but yes--there was a lot of good things! The paint... Well, what's happened is that the store I used to buy the paint from has changed the brands they are selling--both in store, and on their webstore. The paint is actually from an Italian art supplies company, Maimeri. GREAT paint and supplies! Already I had to travel 45 minutes to get this paint, and not have to look further afield, probably Oslo. Some other Norwegian online art supplies outlets have good supplies, but not many selling the Maimeri paints. So looking into something else, I think. This turquoise was my special favorite--just the right balance of blue-green. Oh, and speaking of art, since you are very interested in art, I think you will love the Andrew Wyeth documentary. It's just an hour long--a nice, evening watch. :)

  3. How I love your painting and your wonderful week clear to the end with Luna. The risotto looks delicious. The gifts both in the mail and the roses is delightful. The poncho will be wonderful for a cold winter day. Your little garden plants are looking so healthy. Enjoy your weekend too.

    1. Thanks, Marilyn... and I just might be able to use the poncho a bit now in spring, as the weather has been very up-down here... one day really nice and warm, and then the next it's chilly again!

  4. Ah, Luna, you are adorable. Yes, I'm sure your tail smells just fine.
    I enjoy reading about your week--I love how you find so many small details to enjoy like the bunting and the radish starts.
    Thanks for your sweet comment about my hats. My goal is to knit through all my stash and arrive at your situation--just purchasing the yarn I need for the project I'm working on. The problem is that I usually have at least three WIPs on the needles at any one time!

    1. Hi, Willow...thanks so much! And good luck whittling down your yarn stash! Here's to using it up, and no more stashing! I'm trying to do the same... ;)

  5. I really love your weekly updates. This was a fun one. Thanks for the link on the visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Saint Elizabeth. I love learning more about your beliefs. The patio garden is lovely and growing well. I haven't planted a thing yet but hope too. The good looks yummy too.
    The photo of the Lavendar Roses is beautiful; a very sweet thank you.
    I loved the gifts you received in the mail. When you get the skirt made be sure and model it.
    I will look forward to reading some Amish novels when I get off my mission. I love reading about the Amish. Amazing how they live and what they believe.
    I enjoy Classical music and especially J. S. Bach. I have played a few Bach piano pieces over the years.
    I like reading about what the two of you watch for entertainment. I enjoy documentaries when I get a moment of two so I will investigate your link on this one.
    Your red and blue poncho is lovely; you could model this one too.
    I hope ou can get back to painting. I admire your many talents.
    Oh that Luna is a cute one; I love the photos you post.
    We have had a busy week of missionary work, High School Granduations for two grandsons and the blessing of our 5th Great Granddaughter. I will blog about them later when

    1. You leave the most kind comments, LeAnn... thank you, as always! I love your love "visits" here with me And it seems like we have a lot in common--and I so like that! :) So good to meet another J.S. Bach fan! To me, his music is close to the breath of God, somehow. Bach was a Godly man, and he certainly made the most of his God-given gift for music. We don't watch much TV, really. We're read and listen to radio folk. But we do like a good film or documentary type program for an evening hour in between. Sounds like you've had a busy but very good week too! Looking forward to seeing about your new granddaughter's blessing... God Bless her, and all of you! :)))

  6. Opps, that got sent to soon. Blessings for you dear friend; I loved reading this one!

  7. Your wee Luna has settled right in Tracy! How at home she looks. Like LeAnn I love to read about your beliefs and I love how you practice your faith. Your skirt fabric looks promising and the roses are gorgeous! Can't wait to see your finished poncho! Loving the colours! Xoxo Ps I also love classical music!


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