This Week... june reading and homemaking

This Week... Can it be we're at the end of June, readying to turn the page to July...and that the year is halfway??!! 

Reading-- Somehow the month has gone, and I nearly forgot to share some of this month's reading! Here are several books I borrowed from the library--all in Norwegian--exploring the topics of bread baking, jam making, soap making, and dress making. Adding to my homemaking skills!

In the Roman Catholic Church-- LOTS of celebration this week! :))) Feast Days of St. Jose Escriva, St. Cyril of Alexandria, Our Lady of Perpetual  Help, St. Irenaeus, The Feast of Saints Peter & Paul, Feast of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, and the First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church.

Out & About-- serenity while out on a walk... 

On the Menu-- Thai Red Curry Chickpea Meatballs --one of many vegetarian delights! Basil from the garden in these.

Thankful-- Baking bread for my little family (two and a cat is a family, right?!) has become one of my favorite weekly tasks. There is something so very satisfying in cooking and baking good food for one's loved ones. We are blessed with plenty, and plenty to share. I baked these large rolls for sandwiches, and to serve with soups.

Happy-- It's a bit foodie here today, but we're enjoying so much lately... so many tastes this season, including strawberries with lemon yogurt ice cream. Keeping it plain, and simple...

In the Garden-- Earlier this week I shared a little garden update... And here's an extra view. This BIG rock is on our property. We've tried doing a sort of rock garden around it, but with mixed results. It is always needing some tweaking, as things have not always done well in this spot. The irises--which have done well--are fading out, and fewer in numbers as the years go... This autumn I will be planting something else and, hopefully, refreshing this space for next year.

Listening-- The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band...  It was 50 years ago, this album!! And it still sounds as fresh as a brand new day! I LOVE The Beatles!! :)))

Creating & Inspiration-- Oooo... I'm excited!! I've been reading about the Magic Loop method, another type of circular knitting. Using only one circular needle it is possible to knit socks!! I've been reading this tutorial and puzzling it out. This just may be how I can finally learn to knit socks--my most elusive fiber technique to grasp. I have yarn at the ready... Stay tuned!! 

LUNA-- Our little girl has taken to "stealing" the seat at my desk... So I stand, which, really, is better than too much sitting.  And so, I multitask--kitty cuddles one hand, blog typing with the other hand... haha! 

Weekend-- Saturday, weather permitting, we'll be in the garden. And on Sunday after Mass, we may be going to see some art...

How was your week? Wishing you all a LOVE-ly weekend now! :)))


  1. I loved reading about your week. I like your reading on homemaking skills. As a young woman I did enjoy learning a few homemkaing skills. I wish I had learned more. I think perhaps we will need to know how to make our own soap someday.
    I always when you share your religion. I enjoy reading the links. I love your faith in Christ and the Father. There are interesting celebrations.
    You have lovely scenery on your walk.
    Your menu sounds and looks yummy. You inspire me to want to start making bread again.
    I like your big rock area; it looks nice. I too liked the Beatles but haven't listened to them for a very long time.
    I will look forward to seeing your finished socks.
    I see that Luna is a sweet cuddly one. Loved the photo of here.
    Enjoyed your fun post! Blessings and hugs~

  2. what a wonderful post! I feel like I have knocked on your door and visited!
    and I never tire of wee little luna! that's redundant.
    but my gram always added 'little' to her 'wee' for anything small!
    the wee came natural to her but I guess she added the word little so we would know it meant small? who knows!
    but I always loved it! and your wee little rounds of bread... are just beautiful!

    1. I've always like the word wee too, Tammy... it's just such a swee word. And wee just seems to suit Luna too, doesn't it? Wee little Luna... yes! ;)

  3. That must be a universal cat skill, Tracy, that seat thieving business. My cats (mostly George) all do it, too. Your breads look so good -- NOTHING like home-baked fresh bread. I miss it!

    Have you ever dug up and divided your irises? I wonder if they just need a little rejuvenation and perhaps more elbow room.

    1. Oh, yes, Anne, I think all of us cat lovers have the same multitasking problem... probably dog lovers too. :) It has been some time since the irises were divided, so that could be some of the "problem" in the rock garden space.

  4. What a lovely week in review, Tracy. My reading list has been quite varied this past month, but no cookbooks! And I enjoyed visiting your garden again.
    I'm going to check out that Thai recipe--we do love Thai cuisine here at Willow's Cottage.
    Luna is adorable as usual.

  5. My week was away, but thankfully I am now home for awhile. Have been thinking about exploring chickpea recipes and this curry one sounds delicious. This time of the year my favorite dessert is exactly what you are having, ice cream and strawberries. How I love it.

  6. I used to follow you years ago when you first started blogging but somehow over time I lost track of your blog. I found it/you the other day while looking for something. This was not the blog I used to follow but it is still you. :)
    I too have a precious cat that always steals my hubby's chair whenever he gets up.
    Nice to have found you again.

  7. Hi Tracy, you are busy with lots of homemaking activity and I've enjoyed seeing the results of your breadmaking efforts. Your garden is looking good too. Enjoy the weekend. Marie x


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