Close to home... For the next two weeks our time off will be a staycation... and it will probably look a lot like this!

Hoping we'll be blessed with some sunshine making some day trips possible! * We're looking forward to long, leisurely breakfasts and meals on the patio. * Some out & about to view some art for creative inspiration. (We just visited a local art gallery to see an exhibit of new work by Norwegian artist Bjørnulf Dyrud, who paints AMAZING, colorful abstract landscapes--LOVE!!) * We also have a to-do list of some things to fix, start, finish, make, etc. here around the house & garden this summer. * I've begun harvesting some early bounty from the garden--drying lavender. * Games are to hand, should there be a rainy afternoon... * Luna is VERY excited too, and has toys at the ready for fun times!

While I'll not be taking a 100% digital sabbatical right now, I'll be online a lot less... I'll see you soon! Happy Days!! :)))


  1. Enjoy your days at home, Tracy! You've got a lot of lovely relaxing things planned.

  2. I love every single photo. Your al fresco dining looks delish -- and so pretty, Luna lovely as usual! Glorious art, time to do projects -- works for me! Enjoy!

  3. I think I am ready for a "staycation". Yours sounds wonderful.

  4. Happy Days dear friend! Wishing for you a lovely relaxing Staycationing. I loved all the photos that you shared of what your time might look like. I will look forward to those yo experience. I'm sure Luna will love you staying more at home altogether.
    Sending loving thoughts your way! Hugs~

  5. Enjoy your staycation. Dinner alfresco would be a favorite for us! Sometimes it's just most relaxing to stay home.

  6. Enjoy your staycation Tracy and TJ! Sometimes those are the best vacations at all. I hope you get some lovely weather for it. We are having some fantastic weather here and the fruit bushes are ripening with tayberries and black currants and the blueberries are beginning while we are at the end of our strawberries. I think TJ has a birthday also so happy Birthday to TJ! I will look forward to reading about your staycation when it is finished. You sure know how to put the JOY in life, and that's what its all about! Love you! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much, Marie, for remembering TJ! His birthday is on the 16th, so we'll be celebrating this next weekend. We're having a lot of fun on our staycation... I'll be back soon with photos! :)


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