This Week ...summer delights

This Week... Enjoying more homemade jam! I love making jam. Most goes in the freezer for later. But we have some to eat now. I made raspberry-mint jam... sooo delicious! We've had a lot of raspberries this year--four raspberry bushes in our garden. More berries than we thought we would have at the start of the growing season, when spring was off to a slow start. 

In the Roman Catholic Church-- This week's Feast Days for Saint Bridget of Sweden (Birgitta, founder of the Bridgettines Order), Saint James (The Greater), Saints Joachim & Anne (parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary!), and tomorrow Saint Martha.

At Home-- A lot of home grown and homemade goodies being processed and put into jars. I had to get some more jars, as we were running out fast! 

Out & About-- Mid-week I posted from a special out & about during our staycation lately--Land's End, Norway

A little more out & about... and Thankful-- Thankful to be living in our little coastal town... and enjoying walks in local parks, which have been extra pretty this year with more flowers. Lots of gardening inspiration. I'd like to have some white echinacea in our garden next year--bees love it! 

On the Menu-- Trout with juniper berries, lemon and thyme--ready for the oven. (Inspired by this recipe.) It was sooo GOOD! First time cooking with juniper berries, and not the last. Usually used in recipes for meat and game here, the juniper berries gave a beautiful difference to this fish dish. 

From the Garden-- The first of our beets (beetroot)!!  We tried Italian heirloom beets Chioggia, which have a red & white ringed interior--very pretty. 

Reading.. and Happy-- Country Living magazine (the British edition) and a Norwegian magazine that is similar to Country Living, Lev Landlig. I don't buy magazine very often, as they can be rather expensive, so these were a summer treat!

Creating-- With leftover yarn from my Josephine's Many Colored Waistcoat, I made this quick and easy little crochet bag (using this pattern for inspiration), which will be ideal for carrying a few essentials--phone, bank card, keys) while out on my bicycle... :)

Inspiration-- Oooo... more treats--YARN! Drops Design yarns Fabel (in Lavender color way) and Paris (in Light Purple) for two projects coming up--more soon. 

LUNA-- C-U-T-I-E! ...The cuteness just flows all day, every day...

Weekend--and ahead... Lots still happening in the kitchen preserving the fresh tastes of summer... I've been adding butter to the mix! TJ has a little extra time off, and I'll be joining him, and so I may be around a bit less next week. So more in just a bit...

How was your week? Wishing you all a LOVE-ly weekend now! :)))


  1. Loving everything here, especially the langorous Luna (I don't know if that's the right word but I liked how it sounded!).

    That fish dish looks good. Never cooked with juniper berries or have seen them in the market. I'll have to check it out. I'm not great cooking with fish -- which means instead of doing it less, I should do it more till I get it right!

    Have a great next week. Sounds like fun!

    1. Hi, Jeanie! I bought the juniper berries in a jar (dry, no brine or anything) at my local supermarket. I see that you can order them via Amazon--lots of different prices ranges and packaging. I'd recommend soaking them in a little hot water before using, as they are a bit hard. Not as hard as a peppercorn, but close. I can't even really describe the flavor--truly it's own thing. Let me know if ypu give them a try, and what you make! :)

  2. Loving these weekly summaries, Tracy. There's nothing like fresh beauties like those pretty flowers and gorgeous image of that blue sky graced with a winged traveler.

    One day, I hope to get back to butter **sigh** but your trout recipe looks scrumptious. I don't think I've ever had juniper berries. Juniper shrubs abound in my climate. I wonder if only certain varieties are edible.

    Luna's pose gets universal at our house, too. Very difficult to resist kissing that furry tummy!

    1. There are some good veggie/vegan butter alternatives out there now, but nothing compares to real butter, does it? :/ I hope you can get a bit of dairy back in your diet, Anne. As for the juniper berries. If you have a Juniperus communis bush in your garden, it may be safe to eat the berries, as most of the culinary juniper berries come from J. communis plants. There are a lot of junipers that are not edible, or can be poisonus... so maybe safer to buy the berries in a jar?

  3. I love how adventurous your cooking is!
    and that you're so enjoying everything. your whole spirit seems different.
    a lightness of being! it's just beautiful!
    and that little luna with her tiny pink nose and pink paws.
    good grief. it just doesn't get much more adorable than that!
    my gram used to say if a kitty sleeps on the back of her head like that...
    it's means it will rain!
    we're still dry as a bone here. no rain in our area going on three months now.
    it seems to rain all around us but here!
    love your little bike purse.
    love you!

    1. Thank you, Tammy... And your Gram must be right about kitties snoozing on their backs... beacuse it's raining here today--truth!! :)

  4. I think I could attempt that cute crochet bag. And again, sweet Luna. How wonderful to have raspberry jam for winter. I need to also buy jars because I am hoping to make some jam and applesauce in August. The juniper berries sound delicious on the fish and look oh so yummy! I would also be tempted to try them.

    1. You could definitely manage this bag pattern, Marilyn. It uses very basic techniques and simple stitches. An advanved beginner project. The stitch pattern is very pretty. I crocheted a matching square piece, and added it to the bag, making it a two-pocket construction. I can give you tips on how to do that later, if you're interested. Oh, and aple sauce I've been thinking about making some of that and apple butter this autumn...mmm... :)

  5. Raspberry Jam is my very favorite. I love the thoughts of homemade bread with butter and Raspberry Jam. Gosh, my mouth is watering for some right now.
    Thank you for sharing the links for the Feast Days. I truly loved reading Birgitta's story; it was inspiring. Of course, I do know some history of James, son of Zebedee. I did learn more here. I enjoyed reading more about the Virgin Mary's parentage.
    I used to can a lot but haven't for a long time. You have inspired me so that at some point I may try again.
    I enjoy the photos and your adventures in the coastal town you live in. It looks like such a lovely place to live.
    We do love fish and I will check the recipe link out. I also love beets and would like to grow some here.
    The Country Living Magazine here is one of my favorites but I don't get one very often either due to expense and time to read it.
    I love love your little crocheted bag. It is adorable. I like the new colors of yarn for your upcoming projects.
    Your precious Luna is the cutest! Love this fun photo of your treasured cat.
    Have fun with your dear TJ. Enjoy the special moments you can have when he has extra time off.
    Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way! Have a blessed weekend my friend~

    1. Glad you enjoyed so much of this, LeAnn! One of my favorite things is sharing our Catholic "calendar of events!" Blessings to you & yours... :)

  6. Oh British Country Living! Be still my beating and melting heart!
    Lovely, lovely week you've had!

  7. I love your weekly catch ups Tracy! It is so fun to see what's going on in your life and catching up with it all. Love the bag you made and the Drop's Yarn I met a lady when I was on holiday that works at a yarn shop here online called Wool Warehouse. Great Service. And I think they ship everywhere. I was really pleased with the cotton yarns I ordered from them and they had a great price on them. Your photos are all lovely and I love LOVE those magazines, but I never buy them because of the cost. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing the lovely Luna with us also! Love, hugs and blessings to you all. Love YOU! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Marie! :) I LOVE the yarn offerings of Wool Warehouse! I've yet to order from them though. Getting yarn "overseas" can be a bit pricey with postage, and then there's usually a duty tax fee... ( Wool Warehouse did have a sale a little while back, but what I wanted was out of stock... So maybe I will try them another time...


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