This Week... soft and slow

This Week... began with a full moon--a lovely pink pearl in our evening sky...

In the Roman Catholic Church-- the week also began with the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord, and other feast days for Saint Cajetan, Saint Dominic, Saint John Vianney, Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein),  Saint Lawrence, Saint Clare of Assisi, and Saint Jane Frances de Chantal.

On the Menu-- Lovage Soup, otherwise known as Love Soup...and inspired by this recipe. We have the herb lovage in the garden this year. If you've not tasted lovage before, it has a bitter freshness that's similar to celery. The leaf is quite similar to parsley. It works well in soups, and chopped up and sprinkled over salads, and pairs nicely with fish/seafood. Oh, and mid-week I posted a recipe of my own for a Summer Vegetable Bake, in cased you missed that...

From the garden-- Our second little crop of radishes... superb! One of my very favorite things to eat!

In the Garden-- Roses blooming! After several years of not much luck with roses, we  planted two The Fairy shrub roses this summer, and they have come into bloom!

More from the Garden-- I'm learning how to propogate plants, which I've never tried before. Here I've potted up cuttings from our lavender and beautiful pale pink pelargonia plants.

Thankful-- for some quiet time during the week to pray, reflect on the summer, write in my journal, make notes, creative plans, dream about next year's gardening...

Happy-- Summer whites. I don't have a big summer wardrobe as the season is short here, so most of what I wear crosses over the seasons. It's been lovely to wear lighter, brighter, delicate clothes... Warm cardigan and cozy socks season will be here soon again!

Creativity-- A new yarn project is on my hook. I'm sort of winging it with making up my own pattern for a gentle, crescent-shaped scarf. Using a self-stripe/print sock yarn. We'll see how it goes...

LUNA-- spotted having a cat nap while on afternoon "window-duty"... Our neighbors across the street are doing exterior work on their house this summer, and Luna likes to keep an eye on the proceedings...

Weekend ahead-- I foresee some cups of tea between home and garden projects...

August has a soft quality... A feeling of gentle slowing down. The light is changing. The days are growing shorter. The afternoon and evening light is different, and longer shadows just beginning to happen, signaling a change of season soon.

June and July were busy months, but the good kind of busy. TJ was able to work from home a lot, and had time off too. A lot of home and garden work still on the to-do list. With the turn to August though, the days and weeks are returning to a more fixed structure and schedule. After a day with all sorts, evening is a sweet time of gathering. And some evenings we are lighting candles... LOVELY with candle glow again! Going soft... going slow...

How was your week? Wishing you all a LOVE-ly weekend now! :)))


  1. we are experiencing a strange August! we're finally having some delightful cooler nights and even some rain. totally unheard of in August here! so everyone is delighted.
    hopefully since we're having a little rain we might just have an Autumn season this year.
    my favorite time!
    I love the picture of tiny Luna! little do the neighbors know that they have a very interested supervisor carefully watching their progress! LOL.

    1. Sooo glad you are being refreshed with cool temps and rain, Tammy! :) The summer seasom begins so early back home, and especially where you are... This is one of my fave pics of Luna. :) She's so little, I'm not sure if they can see her across the street. She's a VERY good supervisor, though... she doesn't miss anything. ;)

  2. such a lovely post! journaling is so good! that's so nice that TJ was able to work from home a lot! what a special 2 months for you! My Mr Husband has been in office most days now instead of working from home W/Fri. I have been finding that hard to be honest. But we navigate these things and life as it comes, right? much LOVE to you!!!

    1. Do hope very much that your husband will be able to have his usual work at home days back again soon. TJ's work goes in periods when he must be at his office more. But we have been very fortunate in having such time as this when he's been able to be home so often--it is a great blessing in so many ways. :)

  3. I love the mellow joy of this. The quiet, pure happiness. I know what you mean about the quality of the light -- I've noticed it too. It's hard to put into words -- it's more than the shortening of the days. It's just different.
    Ms Luna is looking mighty splendid! She's so pretty -- what a good match you all are!

    1. You are right, Jeanie... August is kind of hard to sum up in words. It's more a feeling... that sort of between seasons feeling. That's how August is here, anyway. Our Luna is so precious. And we three are a VERY good fit! I am so thankful to God each day that He made it possible for us to have her, and that we are all together, us three! :)

  4. What a lovely, gentle week. My week was hectic. A tea gathering in the garden over the weekend with out of town guests, Desmond to the farm, the three days at my church with kids day camp helping with the crafts. Whew! Today I have returned to normal and a breathe.

    Love your fairy roses. Oh Luna and the window, they do like to watch. I can't even imagine candles quite yet, as it is still very hot here. Happy weekend and new week coming up.

  5. Hi Tracy, I enjoyed this post, which is full of happy summertime activity. I had lovage in my old garden and plan on growing it again next year, so I will hopefully be able to try that soup. Your cuttings look good - it is a great way to increase garden stock without expense, isn't it? Happy gardening! Marie x

    1. Hi, Marie! Lovage is so easy to grow. It's not always easy to find at all the garden centers, so it's a treat when it can be found. We're really enjoying it. We use a bit earlier in the summer, and the plant has come a round again with more to offer. I like that lovage is an annual plant--that there will be more!

  6. What a very lovely week you have had. I can tell you have sweet feelings of joy in the things you are doing. The full Moon photo is lovely. I always enjoy reading about your faith. I love the scriptures about the Transfiguration. I like to read about the feasts of the different Saints. I especially enjoyed the history on St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross.
    I haven't tasted Lovage before so I will look for some to try. I do love radishes they are a favorite of mine too. Your roses are lovely. I hope we can plant some next year.
    Your quiet time sounds so nice. I want a day like that and perhaps that can happen when our mission is complete. I do take time to journal but I would love time to plan and dream abit.
    It will be cozy sock time soon. I like it when the weather cools down a little. Our evenings are starting to be more pleasant. We can have more time outside on our patio to relax a little. I love the changing season and I can feel it coming.
    Luna is just so beautiful. I miss a cat we had for 18 years. We do have our Sammy who is a wonderful little dog; that we love so much.
    As always, I love reading your thoughts for the week.
    Blessings and loving thoughts for you! Hugs~

    1. Thank you, LeAnn! It's been a sweet summer... easy to feel--and share--the joy! :) St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross's story is so incredibly inspiring, it's it?! What she went through...not surprising she became a Saint! So much to learn from our Saints. The evenings are starting to get cool already here too. I had a dog, many years ago, when I was still living in America with my family, a sweet, stubborn West Highland White Terrier named Bailey. I miss him to this day... But have to admit, it's easier in many ways with a cat. ;)

  7. I love your weekly catch up posts Tracy. I feel as if we are sitting down with a nice hot cuppa and having a sweet chat! It was too cloudy here to see the full moon of August. It often is. Sigh . . . and no meteor showers either. Oh well, tis the price we pay for everything being so lush and green. I love learning more about your faith. My father was a minimal Catholic and still is, so I know very little about things. I find it all very interesting. Love and hugs to you. Hi Luna! xoxo


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