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Earlier this week I shared about the books I've been reading this month. I thought, as a kind of extension of that, it might be fun also share other things I dip into. Below are links to podcasts I enjoy listening to, as well as blogs I read on a variety of different topics. I often listen to podcasts while crafting or cooking...

Spiritual Podcasts
I listen to a lot of the podcasts and programming available at Ancient Faith Ministries, serving the Orthodox Christian community online. I'm so thankful for their live music/radio streaming! They offer so many spiritually supportive podcasts!  A few favorites are:

The Morning Offering
Food, Faith, and Fasting
Healthy Minds, Healthy Souls
Becoming a Healing Presence

...also programs via EWTN -- Eternal World Global Catholic Network

Spiritual Blogs
Blessed is She --a community of Catholic Women
Association of Catholic Women Bloggers
National Catholic Reporter
Catholic All Year
A Holy Experience--Ann Voskamp

Zero Waste Living:

Zero Waste Blogs
My Plastic-Free Life
Treading My Own Path
Living Without Plastic: a practical journey

Simple Living/Frugal Living/Self-Sufficiency:

Simple Living Podcasts
Slow Your Home

Simple Living Blogs
Little House Living
Frugal Queen (Update: the link for this site is currently not working, not sure why...sorry!)
Shoestring Cottage
Be More with Less 

Cooking and Food:

Cooking Blogs
The English Kitchen --my friend Marie, who lives in the UK, and she has a new cookbook just published!! :)))
Mennonite Girls Can Cook
Seasons & Suppers
The View from Great Island
Simply Recipes

Creative Living:

Creative Podcasts --CrafternoonTreats --my favorite creative/yarn blog and yarn podcast!  
Creative Blogs --The very first blog I ever came across back in 2006 was Alicia Paulson's Posie Gets Cozy, which I still read and am very fond of. She inspired me to jazz up my life with more creativity and try blogging! Other creative blog reads...
Attic24  -- most anyone who crochets knows of Lucy of Attic24!
Craftsy -- the blog from the HUGE online creative community of classes, tutorials, supplies and more!
The Fold Line -- an online sewing community and pattern database

Urban Homesteading, Self-Sufficiency, Gardening & DIY:  I dream of making our garden into an urban homestead!! :)))

Homesteading Podcasts
The Urban Homestead
Guildbrook Farm
Living HomeGrown

Homesteading Blogs
Mother Earth News
Grow a Good Life
Homestead Honey
Walkerland  --Canadian Homesteading

The Leaky Cauldron --Harry Potter News, Fandom and more!

How about you? What tools or reading do you use for growing your life and interests?!


  1. oh tracy! this post is a gift in itself.
    many I was already familiar with but also many I had not discovered.
    they brought back wonderful sweet memories of my life with Bob.
    in the year before he got cancer we were planning on homesteading.
    we would devour 'mother earth news!' lol.
    I had taken us off sugar and I was making everything from scratch.
    even my weekly bread baking. I used recipes with honey for our desserts.
    I had always lived simply and frugally but he was a workaholic who enjoyed
    his profession. getting him to slow down was a major accomplishment! lol
    thanks again for all the wonderful links. xo

    1. VERY fun to hear if your homesteading dreams too, Tammy! I'm sorry you didn't get to see many of those come true... But half the fun is the dreaming, right? ;) Glad you found some new reads here!

  2. Oh my, I guess I don't adventure out much, no podcasts, mostly just reading. I use to read Mennonite Girls can Cook, but sort of forgot about them. I need to get with it, I guess. I am taking a class on Saturday at a little old school house, spinning wool will be what the class is about.

    1. haha... I guess you can see I love reading, but I love listening too. I really enjoy podcasts. They are great to listen to while crocheting, cooking, gardening--so many ways to enjoy. I listen to music, but not as much as I used to. I like podcast that teach me something. Oh, but VERY exciting your spinning class!! I hope you'll share with us about that experience... and what you make! You might even be able to find a podcast on spinning! :)

  3. Wow, this shoud be fun to look up many of these links and perhaps listen to a few of the podcasts. I already love the English Kitchen and have been blogging friends with her for years. I have been so happy about her publishing her recipes. She is such a talented woman.
    I also have loved following "The Holy Experience". Thanks for sharing these; I will look at learning more interesting things.
    Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way!

    1. Marie is a super-sweetheart isn't she! Well, I really have her to thank for meeting you, what with that card exchange she & hosted earlier this year--that's how I found you! :))) Fun that we enjoy many of the same things.

  4. this is a wonderful and helpful list, Tracy. I've just started looking at The English Kitchen. I've seen Marie comment on so many blogs and I'm eager to check out her books and recipes!

    1. I've been blessed to know Marie almost as long as I've been blogging--so nearly 12 years--and we had the great happiness of meeting her and her husband once when we were in the UK--super life moment! She's a great cook! And she cooks the kind of comforting food you really want to eat. Tried and true recipes to make again, and again. :)

  5. what a lot of wonderful things to listen to and enjoy! so glad! I was an early listener to Ancient Faith Radio.... since 2006! They have grown a lot and have a lot of wonderful podcasts and music! :) So many places of inspiration that you listed! so nice! :) God bless and keep you my friend!!! a HUG to you!

    1. I only discovered Ancient Faith a few years ago... such goodness they provide! I wish I'd known about them sooner. ;) God Bless you!!


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