Soul Food ...thanks-giving

Eternal Father,

It is amazing love, 
that thou hast sent thy Son
to suffer in my stead,
that thou hast added the Spirit
to teach, comfort, guide,
that thou hast allowed the ministry of angels
to wall me round...

The season of Ordinary Time in the Roman Catholic Church soon ends, and the church's liturgical year -- "new year" --begins at Advent. I take some time to gather special devotionals/prayer books and ritual items in anticipation of Advent--a time of waiting, of a heart renewed in conversion, a season of hope... And during this week of Thanksgiving, I am immensely thankful for God, for Jesus, for the great gifts of love and faith... Thanks be to God!


  1. Oh my friend, such lovely thoughts. I loved the opening thoughts to our Eternal Father.
    Thanksgiving time is the perfect time to remember our wonderful Heavenly Father and our precious Savior, Jesus Christ.
    I liked the words heart renewed in conversion and season of hope. I am so thankful for the great gifts of love and faith.
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving dear friend. I have enjoyed getting to know more about you and love you. Have a blessed week dear sister in Christ!

    1. Thank you sooo much, LeAnn! A very special gift this year has been meeting you and getting to know you... a new friendship--such a blessing! So I am thankful for you! :) Wishing you & yours a blessed and happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is not a holiday celebrated here in Norway, so it's a "regular" day... but TJ & I will make a special meal at the weekend as a belated celebration. :) ((LOVE & HUGS))

  2. Tracy, this is so lovely. Beautiful thoughts and a wonderful photo to illustrate them with. Indeed, it IS a time for soul-food.

  3. thanksgiving. the one holiday in this capitalist nation that makes people pause
    and simply thankful for all our blessings! I've heard that most people list it as their favorite!
    bless you dearest girl of the north! xo

  4. I love when you share your faith with us Tracy! I miss Thanksgiving. I wish it was a holiday here. It seems the perfect beginning for the holiday season, Advent, the wonderful birth of our Saviour! It’s my favourite time of the year! I am so thankful for all you share and you special thoughts and friendship. I pray you have a truly blessed Advent. I am grateful for a heart that sees it as more than just having a treat every day! Love you! 😘 xoxo

    1. Thanks so much, Marie! Like you I think Thanksgiving is a wonderful entry door to the holidays. Taking time to be thankful as we begin down the road of Advent, of waiting... :)

  5. Such a lovely picture of abundance -- blooms and sweetness and grace. The Valley of Vision is a book roomie received from some friends. I like the excerpt you've quoted -- amazing, indeed.

  6. Thanks giving is the stepping stone of humility. One can not be proud if he gives thanks to the One who provides us with everything. What is left to be proud of?


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